90 Day Fiancé's Olga and Steven Are Married After Courthouse Ceremony

Reality TV stars documented their long distance love story on Season 6 of the TLC series

By McKenna Aiello Aug 31, 2019 1:49 AMTags
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90 Day Fiancé stars Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova went the distance for their love, and it finally paid off! 

Olga took to Instagram on Friday to announce she and her beau of more than two years tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony in Maryland. "30.08.2019 we are officially husband and wife," the reality TV personality captioned the selfie of her, Steven and their son Aleksandr "Alex" Frend.

Fans were first introduced to Steven and Olga on Season 6 of the TLC series, which followed the couple as they navigated the ups and downs of their long-distance relationship. After Olga returned to her native Russia with their newborn baby, she continued keeping her Instagram followers up to date as Steven traveled thousands of miles for their family to reunite while awaiting the completion of her K-1 visa process. 

Just a few months ago, Olga received approval and returned to the states with baby Alex for good. 

In honor of Steven and Olga's next big step in their love story, check out just a few of their cutest moments together below: 

Clear Skys, Full Hearts

Who needs to celebrate winter when you have the sun shining bright? "I have a lot of old photos which I would love to post #nowinter," Olga shared on Instagram. 

Snow Buddies

"Our first photo back together," Steven shared in 2019. "Our babes is taking a nap with grandma so we decided to take a walk." 

Smile Time

When taking to Instagram Stories, Steven documented some quality family time with his adorable baby. 

90 Day Angels

Steven may have recently been hacked on Instagram. But that won't stop the TLC reality star from sharing new memories on social media. 


"Today was the funniest day ever," Olga shared on Instagram after riding the slopes with her man. "@frendsteven." 

Around the World

Their love story may be unique. But for Olga and Steven, they are making their romance work all around the world. 


"2018 was like a roller coasters, just exactly how I love," Olga shared on Instagram with a photo of her family. "Full of surprises and miracles." 

Our Little Family

Baby Aleksandr "Alex" Frend looks so cute when snuggling up to mom and dad.