Jessica Alba Does This Easy, At Home Trick to Take "10 Years" Off Her Face

Watch the actress and Honest Company mogul break down her beauty routine

By Jess Cohen Aug 30, 2019 4:12 PMTags
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Jessica Alba is breaking down her beauty routine.

The stunning actress and Honest Company mogul has so much going on in her life. From being a mom to running her company to working on her acting gigs, Alba admits she's "freaking tired." So, how does she stay looking fresh and hydrated when she's traveling all over the world? The 38-year-old star is sharing her secrets in a new "no makeup makeup look" tutorial for British Vogue, published on YouTube Friday.

"I like to start with a really good moisturizer," Alba says in the beginning of the video. "My trick is I mix it with a glow primer."

Alba then explains that before it "totally blends in," she uses Nurse Jamie's NuVibe Massager on her face.

"I feel like this just really takes like 10 years off of my face," she says as she uses the device. "Basically in my mid-20s right now."

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Alba then goes in with foundation, demonstrating how to blend it from mid-cheek down to your neck.

"I think the best tip for the makeup no makeup look is to choose tones and colors that aren't too far from your skin tones," Alba tells viewers.

Take a look at the video above to find out the next steps in Alba's beauty tutorial!