How 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Killed Off Bryce Walker

The controversial Netflix series featured another death mystery, but did it satisfy fans?

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With plenty of twists, 13 Reasons Why did that. The series killed off its chief antagonist Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), turned his death into a season-long mystery and attempted to redeem the character—a serial rapist—along the way. So, who killed Bryce Walker?

Spoiler alert!

As revealed in the season three finale, Alex (Parenthood veteran Miles Heizer) was the one to ultimately end things for Bryce. After discovering Bryce badly beaten after a confrontation with Zach (Ross Butler), Alex pushed Bryce into the water where he drowned. Jessica (Alisha Boe) looked on.

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The reason for Zach's attack? Bryce essentially ended Zach's football career during the homecoming game riot at Liberty High. Zach's beating was quite severe, resulting in multiple broken body parts, and punctuated with the destruction of Bryce's cell phone so he couldn't call for help. Bryce was on the pier to give Jessica a tape, his confession, and when discovered all bloodied, Bryce told Jessica she could do whatever she wanted with it, but he wanted Mrs. Baker (Kate Walsh), mom to Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), to hear it. Bryce's sexual assault on Hannah was one of the driving factors in her decision to commit suicide in the first season.

Alex initially went to help Bryce, but pushed him off the pier and ultimately to his death when Bryce threatened to ruin Zach. Alex's father, a police officer, knew of his son's actions, and despite Clay (Dylan Minnette) being one of the prime suspects, the death was pinned on another—Bryce's one-time pal Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos). The truth, for now, remains hidden as Montgomery was murdered in prison.

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All three seasons of 13 Reasons Why are now streaming on Netflix. A fourth season is already in production and will be the controversial show's last.