Miley Cyrus: I Wanna Move Back to Tennessee

The Hannah Montana: The Movie star explains how filming the flick made her homesick and what she plans to do about it

By Leslie Gornstein Mar 30, 2009 10:14 PMTags
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In her new flick, Miley Cyrus returns to an ochre-toned, sun-drenched Tennessee countryside, where her Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana character paints a henhouse and learns to appreciate the slow life. 

But would Cyrus, who also proclaims to love show business, ever move back to her real-life home state? I just got out of a press conference held by Cyrus, her dad and three of her costars from Hannah Montana: The Movie to answer this and other Qs you asked via Twitter.

And yes, heading home is a definite plan...

"I wish I had more time" to stay there, Cyrus said during Monday's press conference for the movie, which spent a few weeks filming on location in the Volunteer State. Cyrus was born in Franklin, Tenn., and grew up on her family's farm outside of Nashville.

"That was the longest I had been back since I left. I am really hoping to move back there at some point. Filming really made me miss home."

Any more questions for Ms. Cyrus? Yes, you there.

Is she thinking of doing another Hannah movie?

"I feel like...this is a TV show," Miley just said at the conference. "We were really lucky to have enough material to make one movie. To do another one takes away a lot of the reality. Normal high schoolers see Hannah's blond wig and say, 'That's not reality.' It was very clever the way, in the movie, we reveal Hannah Montana, but we didn't make [the plot] in a way that makes another season unrealistic. We're all doing a season three, and we all wish to do a season four. So I don't know if I would do another film, but we would love to do another season."

What are her plans for this year?

Get this: Novelist Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook) has written a film part just for Miley—before he even wrote a companion book. The flick is called The Last Song. Cyrus said at the conference she's filming it this summer. "It's been lucky for me to play parts that relate to me," Cyrus said. "But this role doesn't at all. I may have issues, but not as bad as this chick. I'm happy to play someone that's out there."

So what's this whole thing about? Can't tell you. They're keeping the plot under wraps.

What charities and causes does she support?
—Deko and Posh

Cyrus has her own foundation that raises money in several areas, including homelessness and the disease cystic fibrosis.

"My granddad died—this is the third year since he died," Cyrus said. "That was hard because he was my best friend. So this is the Pappy Cyrus Foundation, named after him. We do everything; we're working with City of Hope, we took a couple trips to the White House—that's why I was at the inauguration. We've raised money for homeless shelters. My best friend died of cystic fibrosis while I was on tour in 2007, so we do work on that, too. When I was on tour with the Jonas Brothers, we raised two-and-a-half million dollars for the cure."

Ask her why she acts like such a diva when clearly she shouldn't because she is 16!

She insists she isn't a diva. In fact she even invited other would-be stars to come out and get in the business.

"Do it!" she said. "Be a freak! Go to Hollywood!"

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