Spoiler Chat: Does Kristen Bell Guest in the Gossip Girl Finale?

OMG, is the Gossip Girl herself finally going to appear on the fave CW series?

By Team WWK Mar 31, 2009 12:19 AMTags
Blake Lively, Kristen BellMarion Curtis/Startraksphoto.com

Is the Gossip Girl herself finally going to appear on the fave CW series? Sneaky photogs captured Kristen Bell hanging with the Gossip Girl cast this week—are we finally going to meet the blogger behind the blasts?

And what's the newest scare for fans of Owen and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy?

Want clues to the big House and Lost deaths, dish on the fate of Peyton's baby, news on Edie's Wisteria Lane victory lap and the scoop on who's in mortal danger on the Supernatural finale? We've got all that and more, but first, a little fun Office info:

Lyric in St. Louis: Can you share any Office finale scoop?

Byron J. Cohen/NBC

Rainn Wilson teased a shocking development for Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski): "I guess I can scoop this now. It's kind of gotten out, but Jim and Pam end up in a bizarre, satanic murder-suicide to end season five. It's gruesome. It goes to a dark place, very David Lynch. But it's a very searing finale, so make sure you tune in." Hee.

Denise in Meriden, Conn.: You reported last week that Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul playfully kissed on American Idol. Then the next week he's writing on her face. What is going on with those two?
The love-fest between Simon and Paula continued this past week! Our spies spotted them holding hands, close-talking and rubbing each other's backs on commercial breaks at Thursday's American Idol taping. But before you get too excited, there is nothing romantic going on between them, according to our sources. They are just very playful (and sometimes hateful) with each another. It's all in good fun!

Kristina in Bryan, Texas: So is it just me or are the American Idol contestants lip-syncing during the group performances at the beginning of every result show?
Short answer: Yes. The Idols lip-sync the group numbers. (For more on the lip-syncing sitch, check out our March 20 blog post—the New York Times did nearly the same story a week later!)

Amber in Scottsdale, Ariz.: I hear Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars has a fashion line. Is that true? What do you know about it?
Yes, she does have her own line, and it's a sexy, sassy collection of workout clothes called Fit Couture. You can read more about it on our own Celeb Fashion Lines gallery—just look for Chery Burke's lovely mug. Enjoy!

Andrew Eccles/NBC

Gigi in State College, Pa.: Do you have any updates regarding the status of Lipstick Jungle?
Our friend and cubicle neighbor Cristina Gibson got the word from Brooke Shields herself last week that Lipstick Jungle is gone for good. Brooke said, "We just were officially told it's finally not coming back. It's very sad." Sorry, L.J. fans!

Linda in Encino, Calif.: Michael Cera has had half a dozen movie roles since Arrested Development, but what about the equally talented actress who played his cousin Maeby?
Look for more big-screen Alia Shawkat soon! She stars in the new Drew Barrymore-directed flick, Whip It! But since you mentioned Arrested, we should take this opportunity tell you that Mitch Hurwitz confirms what Will Arnett told us last week, that the A.D. movie will be shooting by the fall. Says Hurwitz, "We need a script, but that's never stopped me from churning out an episode every week. Hopefully in May we'll get serious about writing the script. As soon as I get a breath [from launching Sit Down, Shut Up], I'm dying to dive in and figure out what sort of ridiculous things these idiots have gotten into."

Debbie in Raleigh, N.C.: What's with the judges keeping Sandra around on America's Next Top Model? Don't they see she's a total bitch?
"No, we don't know any of the behind-the-scenes stuff," Nigel Barker tells us. So don't expect Sandra to take a chill pill anytime soon. What really had the judges upset, though, was Celia's unexpected outburst at the last judging panel, "It's like at a job saying, 'Don't book her, she's going to be a bitch when you hire her.' We don't like that."


Chuck Fan in N.Y.: I know you love Chuck, so I was wondering if you'd be willing to link to the Chuck letter-writing campaign. Thanks a lot!
Done and done. We adore Zachary Levi, Yvonne Stra-hot-ski and that entire show. Oh, and speaking of Chuck, don't forget that everybody's favorite genre girl, Tricia Helfer (BSG, Burn Notice) guests tonight as a replacement for Sarah!

Beezer: What exact day and time does the Final Four round of Alpha Male Madness end?
The Final Four round ends and the championship round begins tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31) at 10:30 a.m. PST.

Aimee in Lancaster, Pa.: Thank you for recommending Party Down—it's wonderful!
You're very welcome, and apparently we all should also check out Starz' other new show, Head Case. A certain preggo we love checked in from her maternity leave to testify about Friday's ep: "I think it's the funniest damn thing I've seen all season...Greg Grunberg playing an egocentric a-hole version of himself, and OMG, James Denton and Marc Cherry guest-starred, and they did a whole thing about Marc wanting to turn Mike Delfino gay. 'Jamie, look, I'm out of ideas for you, so you either accept a friendly hand job from a neighbor or move on...Gay storylines don't work on Grey's Anatomy but they do work.' I'm not doing it justice but I thought it was hilarious—like a new Curb Your Enthusiasm." Consider it TiVo'd, woman! (P.S. We miss you lots and lots. XOXO, Team WWK)

Melissa in Averill Park, N.Y.: Are we going to find out when Kristin has her baby?
Yes, of course. We promise we'll let you know!


Melanie in Auckland, New Zealand: Lost scoop, please, hopefully about which character is dying.
We hit a Lost writers event last week at the Writers Guild Foundation in Beverly Hills, and when asked about character deaths, awesome Lost exec producer Eddy Kitsis told the audience, "We arc out characters, so we know who will die and when they die. I will say when it comes to those episodes, sometimes it's very hard to let go, and you'll start saying [in the writers' room], 'I know we planned all season for Charlie to die, but…what if he didn't? Maybe Charlie lives.' And that's how we know how it's good—because if we're having this emotional reaction over losing these characters, hopefully you will, too." For the record, we will have a Charlie's-death-level emotional reaction to the character death at the end of season—there will be wailing, rending of garments and general grief. The writers probably had plenty of doubts about whether or not it was really a good idea to kill this particular character.

Jen in San Jose, Calif.: Please tell me more about Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy!
The Grey's Anatomy season finale features two characters at a military recruiting office. Wait a minute, Owen's not leaving Cristina and Seattle Grace for another enlistment in the U.S. Army—right?! (Post your feelings about that possibility in the comments!)

May in Austin, Texas: Got any Desperate Housewives goodies?
We are not quite done with Nicollette Sheridan yet. The April 19 ep of Desperate Housewives is Edie's so-called "final stroll down Wisteria Lane…as the women look back on Edie's life. Susan recalls their first meeting, Lynette reflects on a memorable night out, Bree is reminded of the thoughtfulness she bestowed upon Orson and Gaby remembers fondly a night of friendly competition." (One tear.) In other D.H. news, Gaby's funny and sexy niece Ana will be joining the cast as a regular next season. Dream casting? Post in the comments!

Tino Garcia/startraksphoto.com

Amanda in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Kristen Bell was photographed on the set of Gossip Girl this week. Was it just a visit or are we going to actually see our favorite voice-over character in person on the show?
According to our sources, our beloved Kristen Bell is not scheduled to appear onscreen, but the season finale is all about Serena trying to unmask Gossip Girl. Oh dear…that's probably not going to go so well for S.!

Cooper Lee in Rhode Island: Any Heroes news?
As we tipped in last week's Heroes Redux, the bad guys are building a concentration camp for Heroes. Greg Grunberg told us, "They built that in the snow, all of those bunkers. It's very creepy and it's very cool." BTW, now is a good time to tell you that without Kristin here, we don't have enough staff to do the Heroes Redux every single week, so while it will continue, it won't be a going concern week in and week out.

Amanda in Boise, Idaho: I'm so glad Mariska Hargitay isn't missing the rest of this season on Law & Order: SVU! What's coming up with her character?
Now that Benson has put her abuse issues behind her, show runner Neal Baer tells us that she's in for yet another twist toward the end of the season. "Benson will get caught up in a really tangled case in episode 20, so the third from the last, where she ends up in a switch working with the defense. That's pretty fun!" Ohhh, could there be a Stabler versus Benson courtroom scene coming up?

Sergei Bachlakow/The CW

Ariel in Baltimore: Will Ruby or Anna be regulars next year on Supernatural? I want the guys to finally start building families of their own!
While Castiel (Misha Collins) is confirmed to be a regular for Supernatural season five, all we can say about Anna and Ruby is that there are a couple deaths in the finale, and that Sam's demon girlfriend and Dean's angelic friend with benefits are not guaranteed to be safe. 

Marta in Porto, Portugal: Are we going to see John Winchester this season on Supernatural?
Not in the flesh, and not even in the spiritual realm, but we do see John Winchester on Supernatural in photographic form before the end of the season.

Suzanne in Hickory, N.C.: Any scoop on the series finale of one of the greatest shows of all time, ER?
Shane West
told E! News, "I do know the punch line for the finale…and it's something that everybody [should] tune in and watch. They end it very well." BTW, the pilot for Southland (the time-slot successor to ER), starring Ben McKenzie, is awesome. You will definitely still have something good to watch on NBC at 10 p.m. after ER goes off the air.

Sandy in Addison, Texas: Any news on Burn Notice?
There will be several deaths as soon as the show returns. "There's already been a couple. We're about three episodes in, and there's been one funeral too many," Gabrielle Anwar told us at the Genesis Awards. As for Michael and Fiona, the romantic pair won't be able to keep away from each other, "I think it's inevitable for those two. They can't live with each other, they can't live without each other. It's like real life, isn't it?" says Anwar.


Amanda in Tennessee: House scoopage, please? Does someone commit suicide? Which episode? Give us something, anything, new.
We can only say that the House character death is permanent (he or she will not be back next season), and that the castmember did not want to leave—it was a creative decision.

Tina in Pasadena, Calif.: What happens with the new neighbor on The Big Bang Theory?
We'll let Jim Parsons, BBT's Sheldon, answer this one for us: "Penny gets into a bitch fight. No bitch slap, just a bitch fight with the new upstairs neighbor [played by Valerie Azylnn]. The neighbor is being a little bit disrespectful to the people Penny has grown to love." (Awesome!)

Ashley in Lafayette, Ind.: Last week's episode of Samantha Who? was amazing! Any news on if it's coming back next season? (Please say yes!)
Christina Applegate
says, "If ABC is smart, as I know they are, we'll come back for a third season." On the rest of this year, Christina teases, "We have a great episode coming up, it's called 'The Amazing Racist,' and you'll see why. It's all Sam and Frank and them hanging out and trying to find a common ground. She tries to break him from pretending that he doesn't care about her. You know he does, and he doesn't admit it."

Monty Brinton/CBS

Alexis in Santa Fe, N.M.: Are we going to see more of the Watchers on Ghost Whisperer?
Ghost Whisperer show runner P.K. Simonds says we will "definitely" see more Watchers and begin to learn about how the "very important" Book of Changes relates to their abilities: "Over the very, very long span of time that they've been watching, [the Watchers] have observed that history tends to repeat itself. That gives them a certain ability to make a pretty good educated guess about what the future is. They are able to know something about what's taking shape, let's say, in a character's womb. And yes, it's possible to know certain things about the gift that might be growing."

Jackie in Silver Spring, Md.: Got any scoop on what's in store for the upcoming season of Weeds this summer? I'm dying for anything.
We'll finally be meeting Nancy's estranged sister, Jill Price-Gray, as presumably-preggo Nancy will be turning to her family in her time of knocked-up-by-a-drug-kingpin need. Jenji Kohan told us last year that the writers have been talking for a long time about introducing more of Nancy's side of the family, but that they didn't feel like the burning-of-Agrestic stakes were high enough to warrant Nancy reaching out: "There was a lot of discussion in the room about whether we should go to her relatives, but we really felt like if she had been able to do that, she would have done it when Judah died."

Nell in New Orleans: Medium is kicking butt this year. What's coming up?
A cool but scary storyline for Allison—she's going to need brain surgery, but the kicker is that it might remove her psychic powers, which she believes she needs to protect Joe and the kids from an evil killer!

Fred Norris/The CW

Daniel in Pine Grove, Pa.: Please tell me that Peyton and Baby Leyton will be all right on One Tree Hill!
A baby will be born on the One Tree Hill finale, but whether baby and/or Peyton survive is another question.

Dave in Fullerton, Calif.: What can you tell us about the season finale of United States of Tara?
Without spoiling it too much, there is a lot left unexplained about the origin of Tara's disorder. For that matter, Kate doesn't really get rid of superfreak Gene, either! Tara's season-one ender is actually kinda…frustrating. We'll definitely be back next year, but still!

Kaitlyn in West Hollywood: Greek returns tonight, any scoop? Does Jesse McCartney stick around for a while?
Jesse McCartney will only be hanging out on Greek for six episodes, but that's just enough time for him to choose a frat. Jesse teases, "Calvin is trying to get me to join the Omega Chi fraternity. Then there is Rusty, who is trying to get me to join Kappa Tau. It's definitely safe to say it's between those two. He goes where you probably don't expect him to go." Which house do you think? Vote in the comments!

Kellie in Laguna Beach, Calif.: What's coming up on iCarly?
Sam Puckett (played by Jennette McCurdy) gets a twin sister, and a famous foodie is coming to town. Jennette tells us, "I get to play both Sam and the twin. It's fun to be able to play a completely different character. The twin is very sweet, innocent, and intelligent. She actually likes Freddie (Nathan Kress) on the show, which is the polar opposite of Sam. And, we've got a food star coming up. I don't know who, but I hope it's Bobby Flay or Rachael Ray."

Monty Brinton/CBS

Diane in Queens, N.Y.: The lack of Criminal Minds spoilers is killing me!
Lucky for you, then, that we just caught up with Kirsten Vangsness, and she told us the two finale episodes of Criminal Minds this season are "companion pieces" and that we should expect a year-end cliff-hanger, and that "I finally got to have some scenes with my real boyfriend on the show [Nicholas Brendon] and my real fake boyfriend, Shemar Moore, on the show. It's been a while since we got to aggressively flirt, so that's been good. And we have a callback [to past storylines]—we have some unsubs [returning] that you've seen before." Hmmm…any guesses about which bad guys are returning? Post in the comments!

Nicole in Flint, Mich.: I want more CSI: Miami dish. Got any?
Eva La Rue
says, "All of the Russian mob stuff that they've been building in the last few episodes is going to come to a head. They've seemed to be picking off one member of the team at a time, and they're trying to kind of break everybody up so they can take them all down. So we're going to see how that plays out in the last three episodes."

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