John Paul Jones Is Losing It In New Bachelor in Paradise Promo

Exclusive: A few fan-favorite contestants are coming to blows in this teaser for the ABC reality hit

By Lauren Piester Aug 22, 2019 5:48 PMTags

John Paul Jones is about to go full John Paul Jones. 

In a new promo exclusive to E! News, Bachelor in Paradise is rocked by what appears to be a disagreement between John Paul Jones and the recently heartbroken Derek Peth, over the affections of Tayshia Adams

JPJ and Tayshia have been together on the beach since nearly the beginning of the season. He even recited a Shakespearean sonnet for her, but now that Derek and Tayshia are exploring some "new fire," JPJ is not having it, and he's confronting Derek and Chris Randone and Krystal Nielsen's wedding. 

In the promo that aired after this Tuesday's episode of BIP (which you can see below), we also saw that two new women are on the beach with their sights set on JPJ, and we have to say we're delighted to see The Bachelorette's weirdest breakout star getting the attention he and his hair flip deserve. 

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We're also apparently in for break ups (Chris and Katie?!), a JPJ breakdown, and some important conversation going down between Dean and Caelynn. 

Per ABC, Monday's episode will find Tayshia and JPJ exploring their options with other people until it's up to Tayshia to decide whose rose she will accept, describing the situation as a "relationship merry-go-round" that "spins faster and faster this week until it's almost out of control." 

Meanwhile, Katie realizes she made a mistake with Chris, but Chris might have already moved on, Caitlin and Kristina fight it out over Blake's rose (for some reason), and Caelynn just wants a birthday rose from Dean. 

Next Tuesday's episode features Chris and Krystal's wedding, which will include the confrontation between Derek and JPJ, while Clay Harbor reunites with ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua, and Chris and Krystal just get happily married with appearances from all of their Bachelor friends. 

It all starts next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.