Erin Foster's Proposal Story Is the Ultimate PSA on Manicure Mishaps

The star dishes on her engagement

By Elyse Dupre Aug 22, 2019 3:01 PMTags
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Simon Tikhman planned the perfect proposal for Erin Foster. However, he experienced a small mishap before getting down on one knee. 

The bride-to-be shared their engagement story via Instagram on Wednesday. 

About a month ago, Simon invited Erin to join him for his friend's vow renewal in Napa Valley, Calif. What she didn't realize, however, was that he was actually planning to pop the question.

Simon's elaborate scheme was pretty convincing, too. He even presented Erin with an invitation for the vow renewal ceremony. He then tried to "creatively" convince her to get a manicure—just so her nails would be picture-perfect in all of the ring photos. However, she didn't get one. So, he told her he needed one and they went together.

That's when the trouble began.

"Simon woke up with a fully infected finger from that manicure," the celeb wrote on Instagram. "The sacrifices we make for the people we love."

Luckily, the rest of the proposal plans went off without a hitch. The two flew to Napa and found instructions for the ceremony at the front desk of their hotel.

"Very convincing!" Erin added.

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As they were getting settled, Erin's younger sister, Jordan Foster, flew to Napa with the ring. However, she couldn't resist trying it on a few times on the way. 

"I've since learned she's taken A LOT of pics of herself with my ring," Erin continued. 

She also tried to call her older sister, Sara Foster, a few times via FaceTime; however, her sibling, who was also in Napa for the surprise, didn't answer.

Once the couple arrived at the Napa Valley Reserve for the ceremony, they saw balloons and a sign for the "fake-ass wedding." However, they didn't see any other guests when they walked in. After questioning where the other attendees were, the two were told a group of guests had just embarked on a wine tour. So, Erin decided to fill their time by ordering a cheese plate.

"I never got the cheese plate btw," she wrote on the social network.


Meanwhile, Erin's famous family members were hiding inside of a nearby building and secretly watching the major moment go down.

"Nothing has remotely dawned on me at this point," she continued. "I'm definitely not as bright as I thought."

Then, Simon got down on one knee and asked Erin to marry him. He even hired a photographer to capture the sweet moment. Afterwards, her family members ran out and congratulated the couple. In addition to her siblings, her father, David Foster; her stepmom, Katharine McPhee; her mom Rebecca Dyer were all there. Simon's family was also there as were their nieces and nephews. In fact, Erin said it was the first time their families had been together.

Next, it was time to celebrate. The families enjoyed dinner together, and David and Katharine serenaded the couple with a rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love."



"If I had planned this day myself, it wouldn't have been nearly as amazing," she wrote.

In addition to opening up about her engagement, the 36-year-old star dished on her ring. Apparently, Simon sat next to jeweler Martin Katz at a dinner back in December 2018. He then ran into Kelly Fisher Katz a few months later and was told she had "Erin's perfect ring" for when he was ready to propose.

"He was ready (mostly because I had threatened his life," Erin noted.

Sure enough, it was, as Erin described, "offensively perfect."

But after all of the festivities, the couple had to deal with Simon's finger.

"The moral of this whole story is really to be careful where you get your manicures," she concluded. "Our post-engagement was spent in a dr. office getting Simon's finger drained, and now he's on antibiotics." 

Congratulations to the happy couple!