Who Is the New Cast of Dancing With the Stars? An Instagram Investigation

The ABC reality show has been handing out clues to its new cast before the official announcement on Wednesday, August 21

By Lauren Piester Aug 20, 2019 8:04 PMTags

After a long break, Dancing with the Stars is about to make its return to ABC, and it seems like there might be some big names hitting that dance floor. 

Instead of letting us speculate and rely on "sources" ahead of the new season, the show's Instagram account has been putting up clues related to each new cast member. Some of them are simply bodies without faces, and others are more elaborate, like dressing rooms filled with references. It's like The Masked Singer, but with dancing! 

Before the cast is officially announced on Wednesday morning, we did our best to guess who might be dancing this season based on these mysterious pics and caption clues.

Forget a Husband, Hannah Brown Is After the Dancing With the Stars Trophy Now

There are next to no clues about this person but we're including him here anyway. 

This one gives us two clues: a faceless woman, and a reference to singing from the rooftops. Our best and favorite guess is Debbie Allen, a talented singer and dancer (with her own dance studio) who is also on another ABC show (Grey's Anatomy), so she makes a heck of a lot of sense. She also loves a big ring! 

Now these are some clues, and they paint a picture of none other than Queer Eye's culture expert, Karamo Brown. He loves a bomber jacket, he was on The Real World, he's a Florida A&M alum, those coordinates point to his hometown of Houston, and there are probably many more clues here we're missing, but it's definitely Karamo. 

We'd LOVE to assume this is Hannah Brown, recent star of The Bachelorette, who sources tell us is joining the show this season. And so we will. 

Dancing With the Stars Champ Jordan Fisher Is Engaged: Inside His Romantic Proposal

So we've got a basketball player who's ready to WORK? Dwyane Wade just recently retired and, per commenters, recently followed Erin Andrews on Instagram. But that doesn't look like the watch he's typically seen wearing on Instagram. Those bracelets do kind of look like the ones Michael Jordan was recently seen wearing

Another room full of clues, and it also feels like there's one good guess: Texas, a microphone, a picture of a crab, a purse, makeup, and fragrances all point to Jessica Simpson. But what do "queen" and the dead rose mean for Jessica? 

Commenters are all over this one: country singer Lauren Alaina. Do you agree? Do you agree with all the best guesses? Head to @eonlineTV on Twitter to weigh in with your thoughts before the full cast is announced Wednesday on Good Morning America

Dancing with the Stars premieres Monday, September 16 on ABC.