Ja Rule's Kids Question His Fyre Festival Sequel Plans in Growing Up Hip Hop: New York Sneak Peek

Exclusive: Do we really need to do this again, Ja Rule?

By Lauren Piester Aug 19, 2019 1:00 PMTags
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Was Fyre Festival the most iconic festival that never happened? 

Festival co-founder Ja Rule certainly thinks so, and he might be right, though "iconic" might be a questionable word in this case. In a new sneak peek of the premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, Ja Rule's kids Brittney and Jeff are really not so sure about their dad's plans to do a second festival, capitalizing on the failure of the first festival. (In case you forgot: it was a mess.

"I'm nervous about my dad recreating another festival," Brittney says. "It does make my heart drop to my stomach. I feel like it could get very messy very quickly, and it can go really bad." 

She and her brother fully planned to attend the festival until they woke up to the news of the festival's demise being the number one story.

Ja Rule Still Thinks the Fyre Festival Was an "Amazing Idea"

Jeff says people were showing him memes at school and Brittney worries about her image being ruined by her connection to her dad and a second potentially disastrous festival, but Ja Rule's got some wisdom to share with his kids. 

"I will say this: You can't always control in life what happens," he says. "You can control how you react to it, and the outcome of that. We here, we doing the f--k we doing. Iconic Fest here we come baby!" 

So get ready for Iconic Fest, apparently? Watch the full clip below!

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, which joins Growing Up Hip Hop and Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta in the franchise, will follow the kids of Ja Rule, Murder Inc. mogul Irv Gotti, Fat Joe, Charli Baltimore, Old Dirty Bastard, Flavor Flav, Rev Run, Kid Capri and more as they "navigate their complicated love lives and hustle hard to become more than just the sons and daughters of their famous parents." 

The series premieres Thursday, August 29 at 9 p.m. on WE tv, and Ja Rule will be on Daily Pop today (Monday) at 12 p.m. ET here on E!