Chrissy Teigen Reminds Us She's the Queen of Twitter With These Tips for Battling Internet Burnout

See how the cookbook author handles her kids' device activity

By Elyse Dupre Aug 15, 2019 2:32 PMTags
Chrissy TeigenMonica Schipper/Getty Images

It's no secret Chrissy Teigen is the queen of Twitter.

Whether she's trolling her husband John Legend or clapping back at haters, the 33-year-old celeb is a master of the social media game. Still, the cookbook author knows when it's time to take a break. The Lip Sync Battle host shared her tips for avoiding burnout in a new interview with published Wednesday.

Here are four of her dos and don'ts:

1. DO Put Your Phone Down: "It's important to find that balance," Teigen told the outlet. "My kids now take away a lot of my time, so I'm able to give myself that break. But there are times where I cannot put my phone down. We don't get a break from news these days, but putting my phone down, going out and playing with my kids, and just trying to forget about things for a moment is really important."

2. DON'T Forget to Use the Mute Button and Curate Your Feed: "Using the mute feature on Twitter is incredibly important," Teigen continued. "It's important to curate your own feed because what we're seeing is all up to us, right? It's who we follow and not something that you can get away from, really. For me, the second I hear certain [trigger] words, I just turn my brain off and I'm like, nope, I'm not finishing this video. I can‘t hear what he has to say anymore. There are certain things that I've trained myself not to listen to anymore and it helps a lot."

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3. DO Consider Your Mental Health: "You have to take care of your own personal mental health," Teigen said. "There's some days that you can take it and that's great, but on the days you can't, it's fine to just be offline. You don't have to always be on the grid."

4. DO Become a "Master of Distraction" With Kids: Teigen isn't just considering her own screen time. She's also monitoring how much time her children spend on devices. 

"You have to keep them involved in things they love and be a master at distraction," she told "Luna will beg to use my phone, like beg, in bed because there's an app she loves."

However, she said there are certain situations, like eating out at a restaurant or flying on an airplane, when the devices are "going to help those surrounding us."

"We are not those people that are like, ‘No screen time!'" she said. "So, you try to download all the coolest learning activities so at least they're learning something."

Still, she tries to keep them engaged in other activities when possible. While kids might protest, Teigen said "kids are only crazy about something for a minute."

"So if you can get through a minute of that screaming and begging while you think of something else like an art project, a book or stickers, they forget they even wanted it in the first place," she said. "You have to get super amped about something else and they will match that excitement, and that's how you deal with it."