Who Killed Bryce Walker? The 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer Runs Down the Suspects

The new season drops on Friday, Aug. 23 on Netflix

By Chris Harnick Aug 14, 2019 2:23 PMTags
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The question everyone will be asking: Who killed Bryce Walker?

The final trailer for 13 Reasons Why season three is here and everyone is a suspect in the death of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice).

"It's my wish to find the person who killed my son," Justin's mom, Nora Walker (Brenda Strong), says to the police.

Bryce's Liberty High classmates all seem to have a motive. There's Jessica (Alisha Boe), Tyler (Devin Druid) and even Clay (Dylan Minnette).

"You don't know everything, OK, Clay?" Justin (Brandon Flynn) says in the intense trailer below. There's also Zach (Ross Butler), Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) and Tony (Christian Navarro) who are all under scrutiny. But the biggest bombshell in the trailer is that it looks like Clay is being set up as Bryce's killer.

"This whole f—king world is better without him in it," Clay says.

Click play on the trailer above to see the full preview.

"I'm scared," Jessica says.

This is the first season without Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, the character that sparked the series after she took her own life and left her reasons for committing suicide—her reasons why—on cassette tapes to be passed around to her classmates.

Netflix's official description of the new season: "Everyone has their reasons...The secrets at Liberty High run deep, and in the aftermath of the Homecoming game all of the friends have something to hide. As the mystery of his death engulfs the town, there are numerous suspects in focus. But were any of them truly capable of murder? And who is the new girl? Police are determined to get to the truth, but with a web of secrets and lies this tangled, will anyone be found guilty?"

The cast of season three also includes Miles Heizer, Anne Winters, Steven Weber, Amy Hargreaves, Grace Saif, Bex Taylor Klaus and Tyler Barnhardt.


The central mystery of the season is all about Bryce's death.

Friends or Enemies?

The central mystery of the penultimate season involves Bryce Walker's murder.


Miles Heizer is back as Alex.


Brandon Flynn returns as Justin in season three.

Mrs. Walker

Brenda Strong plays Bryce's mother.


Bryce's one-time pal, Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) is also a suspect.


Devin Druid's Tyler is also a suspect in Bryce's murder.

Deputy Standall

Mark Pellegrino returns as Deputy Standall, Alex's father.

Jessica and Casey

Bex Taylor Klaus joins the cast as Casey


Anne Winters as Chloe.


Dylan Minnette's Clay is a prime suspect in Bryce's murder.


Christian Navarro returns as Tony.


Alisha Boe returns as Jessica in season three.


Ross Butler returns as Zach in season three.

13 Reasons Why season three drops on Netflix on Friday, Aug. 23. Don't fret, season four is already in the works, but it will be the show's last.

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