Watch Jimmy Fallon and Kate Upton's Totally Tubular '80s Aerobics Dance Challenge

The two stars are throwing it back with these moves

By Elyse Dupre Aug 13, 2019 1:01 PMTags
Kate Upton, Jimmy FallonAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon and Kate Upton are throwing it back to the '80s.

The late-night host and the model took part in an aerobics dance challenge on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show and recreated some totally tubular moves from that decade. 

From Jazzercise steps to high kicks, the dynamic duo performed them all.

"It looks like you're getting dizzy," Fallon said after watching Upton perform a routine. "It looks like you're getting confused." 

Upton even compared one move to the "'80s version of The Dab."

Of course, the two celebs dressed the part and wore colorful spandex and leg warmers for the workout. Upton even rocked a high ponytail. 

The best part was the big finale. The stars recreated that famous Flashdance scene—complete with waterworks. The two got totally drenched, and Fallon lost his '80s-inspired toupée. 

Want to see them bust a move? Watch the video below to see all of their sweet steps.

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