Simone Biles Makes History (Again!) With an Unbelievable Floor Routine You Cannot Miss

Can we fast forward to the 2020 Toyko Olympics?

By Jamie Blynn Aug 12, 2019 12:39 PMTags

Simone Biles has flipped her way into history—again.

At the U.S. Gymnastics Championship in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend, the Olympic gymnast effortlessly landed a triple-twisting double somersault during her floor exercise, making her the first person—male or female—to ever complete the unbelievable move. She defies gravity, physics and the impossible. If it weren't caught on camera, it would be hard to believe.

After her jaw-dropping performance on Sunday evening, she nabbed her sixth national title, the first time a woman has won six U.S. all-around titles in 70 years. We should mention she is also the world's most decorated female gymnast of all time. Oh, and she's only 22 a.k.a she's just getting started.

"It's like she hit a hole in one and we were all there," USA Gymnastics director Tom Forster said. "It's a big deal and we all know it. No one in the world has done it before in the women and actually, she does it better than most of the men who have done it. She should be super excited about that."

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Earlier at the tournament, Biles made history as the first person to ever attempt and land a double-double dismount from the beam.

Come the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she's prepared to wow us with more jaw-dropping skills. After all, she's going to continue doing her thing. "We don't want to change too much going into next year," she told reporters. "You kind of just want to stay consistent with your routines, and if any upgrades come, you'll see."

Yes, the 4-foot-8 phenom's GOAT status is well-deserved. And she even has the leotard to prove it, in case you forget.

Now, let the countdown to Tokyo begin!