10 Up and Coming Beauty Influencers You'll Want to Follow

These artist will be in attendance at the popular BeautyCon

By Cydney Contreras Aug 10, 2019 12:00 PMTags

It's hard to believe that ten years ago, people were still plucking their eyebrows to oblivion. But, as we all know, trends come and go like wildfire.

And it is often those in the beauty world who determine what styles will become a trend in the days, weeks and months to come. This is how BeautyCon became one of the biggest events in the makeup industry. Anyone who is anyone in the influencer-sphere travels from far and wide to gather at the annual convention to exchange their tips and tricks for achieving the most glam looks. 

This year, Priyanka ChopraCiaraHuda Kattan and other stars are headlining the convention to discuss all kinds of issues that are near and dear to their hearts. But, there are also the lesser known influencers in attendance. Artists like teen beauty phenom Cohl and master wig maker Alfred Lewis III will be showcasing their talents for all to see. 

Luckily, we've gathered a list of all the rising influencers who are worth keeping an eye on for all the latest trends, techniques and tips. 

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To find out which influencers you should follow and subscribe to for all your beauty needs, check out the gallery below!

Franchelli Rodriguez

If you are just starting out on your natural hair journey, then ChellisCurls is the gal for you. On her Instagram and YouTube she shares a plethora of info on products, techniques and no-no's, which is especially helpful for anyone partaking in the natural hair movement. Plus, her daily posts on Instagram provide the ultimate #HairGoals to get you through the tough few months of transitioning to the no-heat lifestyle. All in all, we're hair for it.

Solange Nicole

After participating on Glam Masters with celebrity judges Mario DedivanovicKandee Johnson and Zanna Roberts, as well as host Laverne Cox, this MUA continues to give the beauty community inspiration. 

A Bear Named Troy

While Troy serves inspiration in all areas of the beauty community, his fierce nails truly keep his followers coming back for more. Looking for a tutorial on DIY glitter chrome nails? Done. Trying to find the perfect shade for your hot girl summer? Troy's got you covered. Plus, he has some pretty catchy tunes too.

The Beauty By Bella

The cut crease is arguably one of the most difficult styles to pull off, but somehow Beauty By Bella does it like a pro every single time. Moreover, her designs—and we mean designs—take her makeup up a notch. She will pull off an impeccable cut crease before adding in a cow pattern or incredibly detailed butterfly wing. The dedication is real and it shows. 

Alfred Lewis III

There is nothing better than having a good hair day, and Alfred Lewis III is here to help you achieve a chic and sleek hairstyle. This artist literally takes his viewers on a journey when making a wig from scratch. He details the type of hair, how he weaves it and even the application process. So it's safe to say he knows what he is doing. Watching his process is possibly even more satisfying than a Dr. Pimple Popper video. But don't take our word for it, check out his YouTube channel!

Cait Marks

Sugar, spice and everything nice is the perfect way to describe this beauty guru. Cait is one of those artists who consistently pushes the envelope with eye popping color combinations and daring hairstyles. And she truly is not afraid to color outside the lines. The artist will even color her brows a bold red to compliment the contrasting blue on her lids. Who ever said that makeup isn't an art form hasn't seen this MUA at work.

Zackary Vang

If you're looking for a pop of color in your life, Zackary Vang has all the inspo you need. Every day, the influencer shares a new look that is just oozing the creativity that people desire. Moreover, Zackary isn't afraid to color outside the lines and is down for basically every challenge that pops on Instagram's feed. 


If this makeup guru looks familiar, it's likely because you've seen one of his popular cheerleading videos. The former cheerleader eventually tumbled his way onto the beauty scene and now serves the most creative, chic, colorful looks that Instagram and YouTube has seen. What's more is that he has the approval and support of artist's like Patrick Starrr, which is a pretty big deal. 


Admittedly, this artist is hardly up-and-coming, but she also doesn't get nearly as much credit as she deserves. Sadaf has received plenty of attention and acclaim in the Middle East, but her vast knowledge of makeup and artistry in the field is making her a favorite for fans from far and wide. Her talents are so impressive, she is even slated to do a live tutorial with Lori Harvey at BeautyCon.

Kim Johansson

This influencer is quickly becoming one of the biggest "It" girls in the game. Her glowing skin, trendy outfits and ability to pull off a wide variety of hairstyles has a ton of people flocking to her Instagram, including Fenty Beauty owner Rihanna. Not to mention, she is a master of the no-makeup makeup look. To see for yourself, head on over to her website that truly encompasses all things beauty.