How Dove Cameron Is Approaching Life After Cameron Boyce's Death

The actress reflected on her late co-star after his untimely passing.

By Samantha Schnurr Aug 09, 2019 6:16 PMTags

Following Cameron Boyce's untimely passing, his co-stars are looking at life differently. 

Last month, the Descendants actor passed away at the age of 20. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner later confirmed that he suffered a "sudden unexpected death in epilepsy," reflecting his family's statement that the had died in his sleep after a seizure from epilepsy

Dove Cameron, who co-starred with Boyce in Disney's Descendants franchise, reflected on the loss of her beloved friend with visible emotion, calling him the "world's most singular person."

"I can say with total confidence that everybody would have said that, you know, a year ago," she said on E!'s Daily Pop on Friday as she spoke of the tragic news. "Working with Cameron, you know, it's like working with your family, or like a really close friend—it's the most bizarre experience for it to be something so public because it's not like working with somebody who you worked with for a week and then telling your experience. It's like how do you speak about your experience with one of your favorite people, one of your people you feel closest to? He just was everything that everybody says he is. He was from someplace else. He was truly like a cosmic happening."

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Since his death, Boyce's castmates have been looking out for each other. 

"[Booboo Stewart's] always like, 'I am going to go brush my horses—do you want to come over for game night?'" she said on Daily Pop

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"That's what we've been working on all together as a family is really staying in touch with each other and Booboo said, he was like, 'I want to go out of my way to see you because I don't want to miss you,' and I think that that's kind of how we're all feeling is we want to—we want to make an effort. It really reminds you how important everybody is, how important your one life is," Dove said.

It's with this loss that they have learned the importance of intentionally spending time with loved ones. 

"I think that that's become very important to all of us if it wasn't obviously before," the Angry Birds Movie 2 actress continued. "It's been really rough, but we're all finding solace in each other and that's become really beautiful for us."

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