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One would think that all it takes to go far on America's Next Top Model is stunning good looks, the ability to take a good photo and maybe even a bit of personality thrown in for good measure.

But we've taken a closer look at how some of the models made it to the end (or at least close to it), and we found that bitchiness, tears and stamina are just as important.

Take a look...

1. Let Them Do Your Makeover:
Makeover meltdowns are all pretty much the same every cycle. Tears inevitably flow after they shear some poor girl like a woolly spring ewe. Jade Cole (cycle six) fretted over her lost 'fro, but if it weren't for her extreme makeover, she would've never made it to the top three. Don't let the makeover do you in! (That's what did in Cassandra Whitehead from cycle five, who quit the show over her Mia Farrow 'do.) And don't forget, after your makeover, make sure you style your hair the way the pros did it. Remember what happened with Brittany Hatch from cycle eight? She let her 'fro go and she lost out.

ANTM, Jade Cole

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2. Be the Villain:
Bitches rule the roost when it comes to ANTM. Two of the biggest bitches in the history of the show, Jade Cole and Melrose Bickerstaff (cycle seven), made it to the top three. And if being irritable and unkind really is the key to a win, then it looks like this season's Sandra Nyanchoka might be on her way to the top.

3. Dress Like a Model:
Tight jeans + clingy tank top + heels = model. Got that? Just don't cross the line into poor taste. For example, the judges always dinged Sheena Sakai (cycle 11) for dressing so flashy, and her constant fashion faux pas earned her only a distant fifth place. The model with the worst fashion sense this season (Nyjah Harris and her horrid ruffled pink shirt) is already out.

ANTM, Danielle Evans

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4. Do the Photo Shoot Even When You're Sick:
Monique Calhoun (cycle seven) opted out of her photo shoot after being released from the hospital for dehydration and sealed the deal on her own elimination. Danielle Evans, however, powered through her debilitating sickness (even hanging off an elephant to get the shot), and ended up the winner of cycle six. Point being: Suck it up when you're sick. It pays off.

5. Have an Emotional Story:
Tahlia Brookins
(cycle 12) has one heck of an emotional past (she was burned as a child). By sharing her story, the judges warmed to her and that helps. While it's good to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, watch the waterworks at panel time, ladies! Jade Cole made the mistake of overdoing the sob story, and Tyra practically laughed at her fake tears. How-evah, one-on-one time with Tyra is the perfect opportunity to shed a few tears, maybe because it affords Tyra the opportunity to seem sympathetic? CariDee English took a cry break while talking about her psoriasis, and she ended up winning cycle seven.

Do you have any more tips for the models? Hit the comments section.

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