Kenley, Project Runway


Something that apparently bears repeating: A cat is not a weapon.

And while Project Runway villain Kenley Collins denied at a hearing yesterday that she offensively hurled a feline at her boyfriend during an arrest-yielding fight earlier this month, she did confess that the altercation got a tad...frisky.

During the hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court Wednesday, the retro designer, who originally faced second-degree assault for allegedly throwing not only her cat but a laptop, water and a few apples at her sleeping ex-boyfriend's face, said she "gently" placed the pet on a bed where her former flame was laying, but denied that it was in any way a violent maneuver.

"My daughter told me they were arguing because she broke up with him and he wouldn't get out of the apartment," the Bravo star's mom, Kenley Collins, told the New York Daily News.

"Zak's cat, Arlo, was bothering her so she plopped him on a down comforter on the bed and told Zak to 'go feed him.' That's all there was to it."

The 26-year-old Collins, who was arrested on suspicion of assault on March 17 for the alleged cat bombardment of Zak Penskey, was promised in court that her charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor within the next month.

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