Crop-Top Designer William's Wilderness Ropes Course Date Goes Awry on Dating #NoFilter

By Emily Mae Czachor Aug 06, 2019 5:54 PMTags
Watch: Damsel in Distress on High-Wire Ropes Course

You shouldn't be jumping through hoops to make your relationship work, but you may occasionally get roped into traversing an obstacle course in the wilderness with a guy you met earlier this afternoon. 

That's essentially the premise behind this initially amusing (unless you're afraid of heights, in which case, initially terrifying might feel more appropriate here), ultimately sweet clip from Dating #NoFilter's season two premiere, which kicks off tonight, Aug. 6, at 11 p.m., with a pair of back-to-back episodes. Per his adventurous blind date's request, the clip finds Andrew at the base of an elevated ropes course, wearing full climbing gear and surrounded by nature.

"OK, you ready?" he asks potential new muse William, the crop-top designer who definitely suggested this activity in the first place but suddenly seems less sure that climbing a two-story ladder with a harness on is really what he wants to be doing right now.

"Maybe we'll have a rescue moment. A damsel in distress," notes comedian and commentator Zach Noe Towers—who, like the rest of Dating #NoFilter's team of comedians, is watching the wilderness ice-breaker unfold on a TV screen—and partner Kelsey Darragh agrees that'd be "cute."

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Funnily enough, the duo is not wrong about where this date is headed. But the road to rescue moments is a little wobblier than anticipated. 

"William, how are you feeling? What're you thinking?" asks the ropes course instructor mid-way through the new clip, as William and Andrew have just reached the wooden beam suspended above them and are currently being tasked with making their respective ways across it. William, for his part, is doing some deep breathing.

"Um, I'm feeling quite nervous," he admits.

"He's losing it," Kelsey comments.

See what happens when William finally takes the leap—and his shimmy across doesn't go exactly as planned—in the clip above!

Dating #NoFilter returns early 2020, only on E!