Matt Damon Reveals New Tattoos in Honor of His 4 Daughters

Check out the heartwarming tribute and prepare to swoon

By McKenna Aiello Aug 06, 2019 12:50 AMTags
Matt Damon, Good Morning AmericaHeidi Gutman/ABC

Matt Damon is one proud papa. 

The A-list actor recently paid a visit it celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Stone, who inked the names of Damon's four daughters on his arm in a delicate script. Layered from oldest to youngest, the piece is a heartwarming tribute to 20-year-old Alexia, 13-year-old Isabella, 10-year-old Gia and 8-year-old Stella

The fine line tattoos, which were drawn up by Stone, are placed close to Damon's "Lucy" tat, which honors his wife of almost 15 years, Luciana Barroso

Stone, who has tattooed the likes of Lady GagaJoe JonasMiley Cyrus and more, called the opportunity to work with Damon an "honor." He told E! News exclusively of the experience, "Matt is a legend and a very cool human being. I'm so happy that I was able to give him this tattoo! He is one of my favorite actors."

And when it comes to epic celeb tattoos, Damon's latest addition may remind fans of his best friend's far less delicate body art. Yes, we're talking about Ben Affleck

The Oscar winner's massive dragon tattoo has become quite the topic of pop culture conversation, and even Damon has felt compelled to weigh in on the frenzy. 

"It's not one man's job to tell another man what he can do to his back," Damon joked during an appearance on The Daily Show in 2018. "I support him in all of his artistic expression."

It's safe to assume Ben is supporting Matt in his! 

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