Here's More Proof Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster Could Be a Couple IRL

A steamy make-out, impromptu hugs and insatiable chemistry continues to fuel rumors

By Cydney Contreras Aug 05, 2019 9:54 PMTags

It looks like Ariana Grande might have a new man in her life.

Rumors about a relationship between the singer and Social House artist Michael "Mikey" Foster began swirling after their recent video for "Boyfriend" was released on Friday, Aug. 2. While the music video was an act of fiction, inspired by the lyrics from the single, fans couldn't help but notice the sizzling chemistry between the stars. 

Now, Grande is releasing the behind-the-scenes shots from the set, which is fueling the speculation surrounding her and Mikey. If anything, the video proves the two stars are clearly close as can be, with the pair occasionally getting flirty between takes. At one point at the end of the video, Ariana runs and jumps into Mikey's arms, although it's unclear if this is a planned show of affection.

Neither Mikey or Ari have commented on the rumors, but Social House did share how they met the pop star during a recent Q&A. "Ari was very polite and generous and opened the door to us and we started working together," Mikey shared.

What's more, a source tells E! News that the rumored lovebirds enjoyed a night out with friends following Ariana's performance at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago over the weekend. Ariana hosted a surprise birthday party for her bodyguard at Siena Tavern, where our insider said she and Mikey sat next to each other throughout the celebrations.

We're told guests enjoyed sipping Casamigos cocktails and champagne, while Grande drank wed wine.

Though the eyewitness didn't spot any "obvious PDA" between the pair, it wouldn't be that surprising if Ariana did end up dating the Social House artist. After all, she has been known to date artists that she collaborates with. For example, ex-boyfriends Mac Miller and Big Sean. 

But the performer has a lot on her plate, with the European leg of her tour right around the corner. So, who knows what will happen between these two. 

For now, fans can hope!