Relive These Hilariously Bad Dates From Dating #NoFilter Ahead of Season 2

By Emily Mae Czachor Aug 03, 2019 12:00 PMTags
Watch: When Dream Dates Become Nightmares on "Dating #NoFilter"

Horror can make for great blind date material, provided the chills play out in a movie or TV show and not at all in real life. A first date that starts to feel like a horror movie is—best case scenario—a really horrible first date.

From bug-eyed marionettes to spare-limb-in-the-closet admissions, Dating #NoFilter has seen many a red flag crop up on its blind date live feed, ranging from moderately concerning to, "Wait, is this not the premise to actual slasher film, or…?"

"I've seen too many Michael Myers movies," comments Nightly Pop's Nina Parker in this mostly hilarious, slightly alarming compilation video highlighting some of the scariest blind meetups from Dating #NoFilter's first season. "I know how that ends."

Shadiest Dates on "Dating #NoFilter"

Armed with a glass of wine, the comedian and commentator is presiding over a particularly bizarre first exchange between participants Scot and Alexa, wherein the former has just revealed his ideal blind date activity is night-hiking. Alexa, for her part, understands where Nina is coming from.

"That's how you get murdered," she tells Scot, who only chuckles in response and it's definitely creepy but also not super surprising. 

To dive back into Dating #NoFilter's best bad dates before the series returns for season two on Tuesday, Aug. 6, check out the full compilation video above!

Dating #NoFilter returns early 2020, only on E!