10 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date, Courtesy of Dating #NoFilter

By Emily Mae Czachor Aug 02, 2019 12:00 PMTags
Watch: 10 Things You Shouldn't Do on a First Date

Do you enjoy night hikes with strangers? How about finger guns? Could your inner lip tattoo be an Instagram hashtag? Totally fine to keep those things to yourself during a first date.

In fact, the comedians-slash-love-gurus behind Dating #NoFilter would probably—no, definitely—recommend it, especially to those interested in ever seeing their date again. As this hilarious compilation video from the reality series' first season makes abundantly clear, there are serious dos and don'ts to blind dating, and nobody wants to end up in the latter category.

Topics to stay away from: the sex education class you took before this to learn more about "a female's anatomy," lethal injections, your Durango. Lesser but still pretty egregious no-no's include talking about your weekend gig as a "hype man" and bringing your favorite Renaissance mask to dinner.

Worst First Impressions On "Dating #NoFilter"

So, whether these tips just fully changed the game for you or simply confirmed what you already knew, make sure to tune in when Dating #NoFilter returns for season two next Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 11 p.m.! There will be laughs, gasps and a well-meaning crop top ambush you won't want to miss. Hopefully no more finger guns, though. 

See all 10 things you definitely shouldn't do on a first date in the video above!

Dating #NoFilter returns early 2020, only on E!