How The Bachelorette's Peter Weber Really Feels About Hannah Brown Exposing Their Sex Life

Reality TV star says it was "uncomfortable" to share the intimate experience with his family

By McKenna Aiello Jul 31, 2019 11:34 PMTags
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It's the fantasy suite experience Bachelor Nation can't stop talking about. 

Hannah Brown and Peter "Pilot Pete" Weber made headlines when the Season 14 lead of The Bachelorette revealed they slept together during their overnight date, which (now infamously) went down in a windmill. The couple's love story would ultimately come to an end shortly thereafter, but ended on a high note when Hannah revealed during The Bachelorette's 2-part finale that they actually got down and dirty four separate times in the fantasy suite. 

To quote the one and only Alabama Hannah: "I will say, I was a little dishonest about something. Since it's out there, I did say there is something Peter and I did twice, it was actually four times."

With Peter's parents in the audience, it's no wonder the 27-year-old's cheeks turned a rosy shade of bright red as he said, "The truth is out. I can't believe you said that. Oh, my God."

So how is Peter feeling now that the entire country knows a thing or two about his performance in the bedroom? During his first post-Bachelorette interview on Bachelor Happy Hour With Rachel and Ali, Peter said he completely understands why Hannah came clean with the dirty details. 

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"I wasn't expecting it just because obviously it's a very intimate experience and for privacy usually the details don't come out," he reflected, "But kind of watching it back and seeing why it came out and what caused her to do that, it made sense to me and honestly there's no hard feelings there."

Peter added, "I understand being in a heated moment like that, things slip and that's exactly what happened with her. It is what it is. I'm honestly very comfortable with my sexuality and talking about sex so I guess I'm the anti-Luke in that regard." 

As for sharing that experience with his parents, Peter admitted it was "probably a little uncomfortable" for them to watch it unfold before adding, "They were just making fun about it a little bit. They weren't taking it too seriously."

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And now that the wounds of Peter's heartbreak are beginning to heal, is he open to the possibility of becoming the next Bachelor lead?

"The short answer is I would love that, absolutely," he told co-hosts Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky. "I've been through this experience, I know it works. I've fallen in love. I've spent about two months traveling the world going on amazing experiences and just truly getting to know someone and just falling in love with them. So, absolutely!"

He continued, "here's no reason I wouldn't want to pursue it as the Bachelor and hope at the end I can find my person finally and have an amazing time doing it. So, yes if it's offered, 100 percent."

Hear that, Chris Harrison