Here's Why Pregnant Shay Mitchell Just Confessed to Wearing Diapers

Pretty Little Liars star shows off her new accessory during a fitting with her team

By Mike Vulpo Jul 31, 2019 8:23 PMTags
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They didn't say it was going to be easy—or glamorous—but they did say it would be worth it.

On Wednesday morning, Shay Mitchell released a new episode from her YouTube series Almost Ready.

And while participating in a round of fittings, the pregnant actress dropped a confession many moms-to-be can relate to.

"You wanna see something? Honestly guys, I've never known that somebody could pee as much as you do when you're pregnant," Shay explained. "I swear to God, in a half an hour, I went to the bathroom probably about 22 times last night to the point where I was like I'm f--king wearing diapers."

So what is an expectant mom to do? For Shay, she's more than willing to put on a familiar item for kids.

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"I'm literally wearing a full-on f--king diaper," she explained after pulling down her pants. "Because it gets so annoying going to the bathroom all the time…This isn't even an ad for Depends."

And although the mom-to-be has already had a few minor accidents, she's more than happy to share her tips and tricks for the world to see.

"The set was way over here. The bathrooms were like way over there. I peed myself," Shay confessed. "I got a couple good times and then I had to throw it out. But I'm not doing it, you know? I'm having to pee way too much. I'm over it."

Throughout her pregnancy journey, Shay has been open with fans about the biggest milestones. From a fabulous gender reveal to a babymoon vacation to Italy, the 32-year-old is enjoying her road to motherhood.

"I'm still me and I'm gonna continue to live my life how I did before I was pregnant," she explained in her latest episode. "I worked before; I'm gonna work after and now I just need a different size pants. That's pretty much it."