Hannah Brown Says She and Tyler Cameron Need a Chance to Hang Out and "Just Be Normal Human Beings"

The Bachelorette star talks to E! News about the state of her relationship with her runner-up

By Lauren Piester Jul 31, 2019 7:13 PMTags
Watch: Has Hannah Brown Set a Time With Tyler Cameron to Grab a Drink?

Has any other "drink" ever been under this much pressure?

At the very end of her finale last night, The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown sat down with her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, right after announcing she had fully dumped fiance Jed Wyatt, who had lied to her about having a girlfriend before the show. Hannah and Tyler gushed over each other, and then, since she's a single girl after all, she asked him out for a drink

Of course he said yes, and all of Bachelor Nation promptly lost their minds. Somehow, a prospective drink was even cuter and better than if we had watched them get fully engaged. 

Unfortunately, as Hannah told E! News this morning, they haven't had time to set a date for that drink.

"I was rushed right off the stage after all of that went down," she told us, which is very true. She had to do an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and then fly to New York for endless press, because that's the life of a newly publicly single Bachelorette star. 

Hannah's not putting any eggs in the Tyler basket right now, especially because they both just went through some serious emotional trauma. 

"Tyler and I have both been through a lot and he has supported me, and I support him and admire him, but we've also both been hurt," she says. "I hurt him and I was hurt through that, and I've been hurt through my relationship. I think it's important for us to just hang out. We can't go back to engagement day, but I think we both want to be in each other's life in some form, and we will do whatever will bring us both happiness and support that for each other." 

Currently, Hannah lives in Los Angeles and Tyler lives in New York, so distance is an issue, but she says she and Tyler just need the chance to hang out and "be normal human beings" to find out if there's more than a friendship there. 

All that said, we will still be waiting with baited breath to hear about that drinks date.

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