Isaiah Washington

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Is the real Isaiah Washington resurfacing, now that he allegedly isn't paying his rent? Was the campaign Isaiah Washington's brilliant publicist so deftly authored all for naught?

You know, the spin that Isaiah's not a homophobe—it's the media's fault for making him out as such. And not to mention that whole trip to his heartland Africa biz, which the L.A. Times ate up hook, line and sinker, that made him out to be a truly thoughtful, compassionate man.

Yes, Isaiah is the benevolent savior, to be sure. Then why would he...

...stiff his landlord for $20,000 a month in rent for so long he's forced to put a public eviction notice on Washington's door? (And, really, 20 grand a month?)

This Isaiah seems more akin to the hothead I know and don't love.

What about getting a cheaper place to live the instant you see you can't afford the one you're in? What about calling up and making some kind of deal? Anything but just shining on the responsibility would be great, not to mention it'd be indicative of this truly loving man Washington's publicist, Howard Bragman, spent a lotta time and crafty work trying to convince us he'd become.

Oh, Bragman confirmed to me he's no longer representing Washington.

Wonder if he didn't pay his bill?

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