Kim Kardashian Shares Ways She Plans to Cover Up 2 Million Garments With ''Kimono'' Logo

''I just want you guys to have a little progress report,'' she shares

By Alyssa Morin Jul 27, 2019 11:32 PMTags
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Kim Kardashian is sharing a "progress report" weeks after announcing she was changing the name of her shapewear line, Kimono.

For some backstory: In late June, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared the exciting news that she would be stepping into the lingerie arena. However, the fashion mogul received backlash over the name of her brand, with many accusing her of appropriating the term "kimono." The following week, she told her Twitter followers that she would launch her Soloutionwear "under a new name."

While the reality TV personality hasn't confirmed her brand's new name, she gave her 144 million Instagram followers an update on her clothing pieces.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Friday night, she revealed that there's nearly two million garments printed with the Kimono logo. However, being an eco-friendly babe, she's figuring out ways to re-label everything without having to scrap all of the pieces.

Kim Kardashian Is Renaming Her Kimono Shapewear Line

"Because I wanted everything to be really seamless and feel really good, we printed everything inside all of the garments," the 38-year-old star shared in her video clip. "So now I have to come up with a solution and not be wasteful because we have printed almost two million garments so far with the Kimono name."

Daniel Jackson for <i>WSJ. Magazine</i>

The reality TV personality showed her followers several options that she and her team have been working on. Some solutions include printing a large black block to cover up the Kimono logo, scrubbing off the print completely and adding fabric to it. However, she admitted she’s not really a fan of a few choices. "I don't like that, that's like too big," she explained of the black box. And removing the logo completely "looks messy" to her.

"I do like this one," Kim said of one option, where a small piece of fabric covered up the Kimono print. "That does look like a nice tag."

While nothing has been set in stone, the mother-of-four felt it was important to share an update with her fans. "I just want you guys to have a little progress report and know that I'm working really hard to figure out how to not be wasteful and change the name at the same time."

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