New Cheating Details Exposed on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Reunion

Find out what happened to all the TLC couples during part two of the "Tell All"

By Chris Harnick Jul 29, 2019 2:05 AMTags

Much like their marriage, what happened between Colt and Larissa in the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? reunion turned on a dime.

The duo, who are officially divorced, spoke via satellite. Colt said, "I still f—king love her," and was even open to taking another chance on their relationship…and then Larissa brought out her current boyfriend, Eric. This set both Colt and mom Debbie off. "You're a piece of s—t now," Debbie told Larissa. "I hope you get deported."

Because it wouldn't be Colt and Larissa without drama, Larissa did the digital equivalent of storming out: she hung up. They got her back on the line, then Colt stormed out. Just like old times.

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After Eric left the screen, Colt came back and the two bickered some more. Larissa said she just wanted them both to have happiness, but Colt said he wanted her gone. Three weeks later at her hearing, Larissa and Colt saw each other in court. She got her punishment down to a fine and community service.


Chantel and Pedro
They never returned after leaving during part one.

Elizabeth and Andrei
The duo relived their family drama over finances and Elizabeth's dad, Chuck. Andrei said he's working regularly driving a truck…but regularly means when he feels like it. Chuck said he gave them money for the truck and that it upsets him when he sees it just sitting idle.

Nicole and Azan
It's been a year since they each other, despite several planned (then canceled) trips. Nicole said she really wanted to visit Morocco as stated during the season, "but stuff happened." Azan was taken to task about money and the lack of store, but nothing was really resolved, the two remained mum on all the hiccups. Nicole said the next time she's in Morocco, she will have the paperwork and they'll get married. Despite a warning from Russ, Nicole said, "I'm just going to ignore it all and trust my fiancé."

Russ and Paola
Paola got involved in some of the Ashley and Jay drama, but for the most part the couple was quiet. When it came time to address their own issues, Pao said she wasn't getting the support she needed from Russ when it comes to the baby.

Ashley and Jay
What happened here? "I'm an idiot, but I still loved him," Ashley said.
The two were working on their relationship after she filed for divorce the first time, however Ashley said she couldn't help but be controlling and hold his green card over his head. And then she found the texts. Ashley said Jay was having a full-blown relationship with another woman. When she discovered the relationship, Ashley said it broke her heart. "Honestly, I'm dying inside," she said, adding she was in bed for two weeks and lost 20 pounds.

"I was heartbroken. I couldn't even be a mom," she said.

But Jay seemed to still insist that Ashley played a part in him cheating. Ashley stormed out and left the building before the reunion was over.