Is Penelope Disick a budding interior designer?

Well, according to Flip It Like Disick's resident interior designer Willa Ford, the seven-year-old Disick child certainly has an eye for the finer things. On Sunday's all-new episode of Flip It Like Disick, fans will witness Ford assisting in the redesign of Scott Disick's daughter's room.

And, from what we hear, Kourtney Kardashian's middle child made some pretty impressive demands. Specifically, North West's cousin name checked a monopoint light fixture in her consultation with Willa.

"I have interviewed a lot of my clients' kids for their rooms and I have never had a kid tell me that they wanted monopoints on their ceiling," the "I Wanna Be Bad" singer relayed in an exclusive chat with E! News. "My mind was blown. Probably 80 percent of the population does not know what a monopoint light is."

Of course, as Ford noted herself, this expertise comes from the youngster's luxurious upbringing. Not only is Penelope exposed to interior design through her father's house flipping business, but her mother is a lifestyle guru thanks to

"She was saying designer terms and things because, clearly, she's around really nice things a lot. And she's a sponge, she's listening," Willa added. "She's a little girl, but with all this knowledge that most kids aren't exposed to. So, yes she has the design gene, but that's because she's been educated and around it."

And while the Disick kids clearly live a comfortable lifestyle, their father is no stranger to finding a good deal. In fact, the Friday the 13th actress declared that her Flip It Like Disick boss is a master negotiator.

"He loves a good deal. Like, NE-GO-TIA-TOR," the mother of one expressed. "You tell me that's 20 dollars, I'm like, 'I'm good. 20 dollars? Cool. Here's 20 dollars.' He's like, 'No. 20 dollars is way too much. I'll give you 5 dollars.'"

Scott Disick, Penelope Disick,

Instagram / Scott Disick

Yes, Lord Disick "understands how to spend money," but he isn't reckless with it. Per Ford, the father of three was more than happy to join her at the Rose Bowl flea market.

"There were items that were literally 20 dollars that we walked away from at the flea market," the 38-year-old singer turned designer reflected. "It wasn't about the money, it was about the game—He's a master negotiator."

In addition to Scott's negotiation skills, Ford went on to praise Disick's vision for house flipping. "I would say his gift might be that he really sees the property and understands what it really needs to look like," Ford stated. "And he'll tell you if he doesn't like something you've done."

No wonder Khloe Kardashian is begging Scott to tackle her home next!

For more of Willa, Scott and the Flip It Like Disick team, be sure to tune in to Sunday's all-new episode.

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