Jenna Johnson's Weight Loss Secret Has Nothing to Do With Burning (or Counting!) Calories

Dancing With the Stars pro dished up some serious inspiration alongside a before and after photo

By McKenna Aiello Jul 25, 2019 11:59 PMTags
Jenna Johnson  David Livingston/Getty Images

Jenna Johnson is here to remind you that the number on the scale is just that—a number!

The Dancing With the Stars pro dished up some serious inspiration on Thursday when she shared a before and after photo from her weight loss transformation, which she revealed was just as much about gaining control of her mental health as it was her physical health. 

"Pictured are two girls," Jenna wrote, "And I LOVE both of them. The difference is, the girl on the left didn't trust herself. Tried to cover herself up with a mask of makeup and that terrible flower crown. Feared what people thought about her. Didn't know who she was. Tried to be what other people wanted. Was afraid to look up! And ultimately it reflected on her outward appearance."

Now the 25-year-old said she's all about embracing her insecurities, and that also means accepting her sometimes acne-prone skin. 

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As Jenna described, "Opened up. Took charge of her life and her identity. Blocked out the bullies and the critics who don't know her. Tries everyday to love herself and know her worth!!"

Easier said than done, right? But from Jenna's perspective, it's all about promoting what she calls "brain positivity." 

"It's crazy how much effort and care we put into our physical bodies to keep them healthy and working... but why don't we put that same effort into our brain?! And our mental health?!" Jenna continued. "Anyways, I'm grateful for both women pictured. Grateful for all that I've gone through. And I'M PROUD OF HOW FAR I'VE COME! And how HARD I've worked on both my physical and mental health!"

Earlier this year, Jenna tied the knot with her fellow DWTS castmate Val Chmerkovskiy during a romantic ceremony in Southern California. 

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