LOL! Watch "Mr. Scott" Disick Teach House-Flipping 101 to a Class of Elementary School Kids

By Emily Mae Czachor Jul 25, 2019 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Scott Disick Teaches Kids the Art of Flipping Houses

Scott Disick is raising a new generation of house-flippers! And they've got big ideas.

The Flip It Like Disick star—Mr. Scott, for today's purposes—takes a break from luxury home renovation in this adorable lecture-style clip that sees him tossing around real estate lingo with a group of elementary school kids. Lesson one: define "flipping."

His pupils want to know "what kind of flip" we're talking about here, first of all. And once Mr. Scott confirms that "fixing and renovating" (one student's suggestion) is essentially what flipping a property is all about, another follows up with a question we'd also like to know the answer to.

"Would you buy a house that was actually upside down?" she asks, to which her professor replies "for the right price, yeah," without missing a beat. And that's why we call him the expert folks. 

For the most part though, Mr. Scott wants to hear from the class. And lucky for him, sparking discussion among this lively group of out-of-the-box thinkers turns out to be remarkably easy.

"If you guys could paint your house any color, what would it be?" he asks the class. Within seconds, the room erupts into a chorus of color schemes, including but not limited to "black and pink," "orange and yellow" and "red and black and turquoise."

"Wow," Scott mulls over their suggestions. "Has anyone ever seen a house in all these colors?"

The answer to that particular question remains unclear (the students' cumulative response in the video suggests some mild disagreement on that front), though really who's to say red-black-turquoise won't be the average homeowners' color palette of choice in 2035?

Laugh along with Scott's intro to house-flipping course—and find out how many cars his students think belong in a garage—in the clip above!