What Comes After Clarke's "Death" on The 100? Bargaining, Danger, and Confusion

Exclusive: Madi struggles in an exclusive clip, and Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Richard Harmon preview what's to come

By Lauren Piester, Alli Rosenbloom Jul 23, 2019 12:43 AMTags

Sanctum's Primes had no idea what they were getting themselves into by trying to kill Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor).

The 100's defacto leader has been a little bit out of the picture for most of this season as her body was taken over by Josephine Lightbourne, and she had to fight for her life to stay in her own brain and regain control. At the very end of last week's episode, she had finally managed to do that, and we finally saw her get rid of Josephine and wake up in her own body, with some help from best friend Bellamy (Bob Morley), and a little help, sorta, from the also somewhat traitorous Murphy (Richard Harmon). 

Not everyone yet knows that Clarke is alive, which is good news for some and bad for others. In the exclusive clip above, you can see that Madi (Lola Flanery), who still believes Clarke is dead, might just be ready for revenge with a little encouragement from Sheidheda. 

"I want you to rule this world, as I did the last. I want you to kill everyone who gets in your way. I want you to get revenge for Clarke," he says. 

"Tell me what I have to do," she says. 

Hopefully, Madi will learn that Clarke is alive again before she does anything too drastic, but either way, some s--t is going down. E! News sat down with Taylor, Morley, and Harmon at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and they could confirm that Clarke is back "for now," and there's a lot to be done now that she's back up and running...after her emotional reunion with Bellamy. 

"I think, you know, we've had a cuddle," she first joked. "[Then] I think it's back to kind of survival mode and trying to ensure that her and her people will have a life after this whole ordeal, so it's going to be interesting trying to bargain with the people that killed her to do that." 

While the three of them weren't immediately ready to say we're in for a total showdown (more like "a bit of a showdown"), Harmon said it's not like it's just going to be an easy conversation to settle the differences between the newcomers and the inhabitants of Sanctum, who don't particularly want to let the newcomers make their home there. 

"I think it's safe to say without being a do-not-reveal that I don't think there's going to be a peace treaty, judging by how we do our show," he said. 

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We also aren't going to see Murphy immediately get back in everyone's good graces after what he's done, siding with Josephine in favor of getting his own chance at immortality. And yeah, we should be worried about him. 

"He's on the fence," Harmon said. "There's almost like this ambiguity to himself, like he doesn't know what to think of himself, he's got that hatred toward himself. But yes, to answer your question, he is in danger and you should be concerned." 

But then again we should be concerned about everyone, because everyone is in danger. 

Taylor says we should "always" fear more deaths, and the group couldn't elaborate other than just keep saying yes.

"Sorry for the quick answer but the answer is a simple yes," Harmon said. 

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Last season of the show went in a completely unexpected direction, blowing up what was left of earth and sending every single character into space and into cryosleep. They woke up over a hundred years later to discover that they were headed for a possible new home, but that their friends Monty and Harper had died and left their mid-20s son behind. It was a complete change in direction, and sent the show into wild new territory in season six. So how does this season compare, in terms of the twists?

"It's all twists and turns, isn't it?" Morley said. "But this season...I mean the reaction or what I've seen to the new planet has been overwhelmingly good. There's so much potential for a new planet. The writers are amazing in the ability to reinvent the wheel each season, so the way in which this season ends, it's open ended to a lot of huge things."

"It's twisty," Taylor added. 

"Probably a lot more questions than there are answers, that's for sure," said Morley. 

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Morley was in the director's chair for tomorrow night's episode, which he says he absolutely loved doing. Harmon described going over to Morley's house and seeing "shot lists of every episode that wasn't his, just to practice." 

"It was clear how much he cared about it, and then actually to see him on set...what ended up happening was watching one of my best friends seemingly having the best time," he said. 

"Once I'd done it, it's kind of hard not to imagine that's where I want to take my career," Morley said. "Challenging, but it was at a level my brain operates so I felt at home." 

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He says the episode, which is titled, "Ashes to Ashes," is "very much more about relationships." 

"It's kind of one of the last ones where relationships are dealt with before we really kick into the last two of the season, which always sets up the plot and the mechanics for the next season," he explained. "So episode 11 is the episode in which the storylines try to tie together before we start pushing towards the next season. So you'll se a lot of people reunite and talk about what they need to talk about in order to be able to move forward to drive the story. But it's an emotional episode, but we do meet some new people, and we do get some backstories. Hopefully people will enjoy it. I'm kind of terrified about what people might think, but you know, I was just doing my best to fulfill [ executive producer Jason Rothenberg]'s vision on that." 

In particular, we're going to see more of Bellamy and Octavia's reunion, which didn't go so well last week despite the fact that she's been through the anomaly and come out a completely different, more healed person. 

"From Bellamy's standpoint he has no idea what Octavia's going through and I think in episode 10 when she gives him a hug, he doesn't understand the process or the learning that she's had," Morley said. "So I think in 11 it's kind of a chance for her to really show her brother the growth that she's gone under, and whether or not Bellamy is ready to hear it? That's something we'll have to wait and see." 

In case you're worried that Morley directing the episode means he won't be in it all that much, it actually apparently means the opposite. 

"I just need to make a statement," Harmon said. "Bob is essentially the A storyline in his own episode of the first thing he ever directed." 

Morley confirmed that he was in "almost every scene," so what we might actually have in the clip above is the only scene Morley wasn't in. 

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Finally, we asked Taylor, Morley, and Harmon to each describe their reaction to the end of the season in one word, and after referencing "the last scene," they all agreed unanimously on one word: Confused.

"But not in a bad way!" Taylor added. 

"Intriguing confused!" said Morley.

"I think that's too many words," Taylor said, and then offered a new answer. "Intrigued." 

"It was definitely a situation where at the end of it, I guarantee probably most of us sent a text to Jason being like...so...question mark?" Harmon said. "I don't think I ever did get answers." 

"It's very mysterious," said Taylor.

Isn't it always with this show? 

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.