Good Lord! Revisit Scott Disick's Most Royal Moments Before Flip It Like Disick's Series Premiere

By Emily Mae Czachor Jul 26, 2019 12:00 PMTags
Watch: How Scott Disick Became Lord Disick

Scott Disick appreciates the finer things in life.

From monogrammed accessories to opulent vacation spots to everyday transportation methods (see: his extensive home collection of luxury vehicles), the Flip It Like Disick star is well-acquainted with splendor and all the lifestyle perks that come with it. Scott's passion for grandeur goes way back, but audiences who got to know him on Keeping Up With the Kardashians probably remember the moment Kourtney Kardashian's ex took his fondness for extravagance to the next level.

Back in 2012, the now-father of three made luxury part of his personal brand when he snagged himself a royal title during a trip to London with Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian. "Lord Disick" has reigned as Scott's eccentric, albeit lovable, alter ego ever since.

Whether he's snapping photos with helicopters, chilling out at fancy hotels or showing off his varied collection of designer items, it's no secret Lord Disick knows how to live. And given that Scott and his team will be diving into the world of celebrity house-flipping just a little more than a week from now, we thought getting reintroduced to his historical affinity for sophistication in excess was not just appropriate, but entirely necessary. 

So, ahead of Flip It Like Disick's Aug. 4 series premiere, look back at some of the real estate savant's most characteristically royal moments from the last few years! 

The Lord & His Lady

Well, not quite. But there's definitely something regal about this personality pic with Sofia Richie's dog Hershela. "The lord and his little lady," Scott captioned the July 2019 post on Instagram. 

Riding in Style

Casual helicopter rides are par for the course when you're a royal, so it's no surprise same goes for Lord Disick. "Off 2 lunch," he wrote on Instagram back in September 2017—though his fans know this is neither the first nor last helicopter outing Scott shared with the likes of social media.  

Scott & A Yacht

We're not sure what Scott and Miami nightclub bigwig Mo Garcia are talking about in this candid shot, but it sure looks like they mean business. 

Dinner for Two

"Thank god for the family plan phone package or we couldn't talk over dinner," Scott cracked, captioning this January 2017 photo of himself and Kim Kardashian enjoying what looks like a very extravagant meal in Dubai. 

Friends in High Places

Scott has been known to spend afternoons zipping around town in luxury vehicles, often with company. "Two classics and a rolls," he captioned this June 2018 shot with renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.


In olden days, elaborate canopies hung over the beds of royal personnel. Today, apparently the whole damn thing is suspended...

Express-ing Himself

Yes, that is Scott's face on a stylized American Express card. "Cash or credit," he wrote on Instagram. 


For Lord Disick, accessorizing and personalizing go hand-in-hand.

Barber Shop Selfie

Lord Disick took a mirror selfie at the barber shop and captioned it "maintenance." Obviously. 


Just Lord Disick flaunting a Gucci faux fur indoors during the 2017 holiday season. 

Afternoons in Italy

"Hard living," Lord Disick jokingly captioned this solo shot of him hanging out inside an ornate Venice hotel. 

Fashion Statement

A shoe collection fit for a lord. 

Lord of the Manor

Scott posed with quite a stately-looking book collection during his fall 2017 trip to Venice in one of his most lordly photographs yet. 


"Thank you @lordtimepieces for my custom made #LORD watch," Scott captioned this sophisticated close-up on IG. 

"His & Hers Ferraris"

They say a Ferrari is the car enthusiast's Birkin bag...

"Silence of the Lambo"

We don't know what's more characteristically Lord Disick, the luxury car show in his driveway or this photo's Instagram caption. 

Off to the Races

Lord Disick looked like a regular royal in shades and a pink floral suit jacked during a summer 2016 trip to the race tracks.