Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss Under Investigation Over Domestic Violence Allegations

Details on the claims being made against the producer by his pregnant wife

By Jess Cohen Jul 17, 2019 10:50 PMTags

Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor, is under investigation by police.

As E! News reported earlier today, the producer's pregnant wife, Laura Fleiss, was granted a temporary restraining order after accusing him of domestic violence. In court documents obtained by E! News, Laura, who is 10 weeks along with the couple's second child, claimed that Mike, who filed for divorce on July 10 and who has denied Laura's allegations, has become "enraged" over her pregnancy.

In her declaration, Laura shared claims about an alleged incident that took place in Hawaii over the Fourth of July weekend.

"The incident remains under police investigation," Kim Tamaoka, Public Information Officer for Kauai County tells E! News. "At this time, we are unable to provide further information. But we can say that, currently, no arrests have been made."

"On Thursday, July 4, 2019, while we were at our house in Kauai, Mike demanded that I get an abortion," Laura stated. "Our son Ben was in the house, seated in another room nearby."

"Mike told me, 'If you have an abortion, then we can just go back to the way we were,'" Laura's declaration continued. "Prior to July 4th, Mike threatened me that if I did not have an abortion, he would end the marriage."

Laura went on to detail the day of July 6, when Mike allegedly "forcibly grabbed" Laura's phone out of her hands. According to the declaration, Laura attempted to get her phone back, but was unable to do so, following him "down the stairs towards the front door of the house."

"Just before we got outside of the front door, he grabbed my body, forcibly pinned me up against the wall and held me there," Laura stated in the declaration. "After I broke free, he continued to use his arms and hands to aggressively push me away from him as he walked outside the door, still not returning my phone."

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When Mike got to his truck outside, Laura claimed, she pleaded with him not leave her and son Ben "at the house without access to my phone."

"With the driver-side door open and before Mike had turned on the car, I stood on the outside running board/footstep directly below the driver-side door, which is approximately 12-18 inches off the ground," Laura stated. "While I was standing on there (between Mike and the open door), Mike put the truck in reverse and began to back up, and firmly said, 'You're f--ked.'"

Attorneys for Mike filed a responsive declaration on Tuesday, asking the court to deny his estranged wife's restraining order. The attorneys also requested that Laura return their son to Los Angeles, while also granting him primary custody. Mike also denied harming Laura in his declaration. In his version of the July 6 incident, Mike asked to see her phone to check if she was having an affair. After taking the phone, Laura allegedly attacked him in order to get it back. When he reached his car, Mike alleged that he "very slowly" started to back out in order to see if Laura would get out of the truck, which she eventually did.

In response to the allegations, a Warner Bros. spokesperson tells E! News, "We are aware of these serious allegations, and are looking into them."

E! News has reached out to Mike's attorneys for comment.