How Emma Chamberlain, Kyle Hanagami and More Creators Are Forging Their Own Path on YouTube

Find out more about the stars who are attending VidCon 2019

By Cydney Contreras Jul 11, 2019 9:05 PMTags
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VidCon 2019 is well under way!

In celebration of the famous convention, E! News has the scoop on all things YouTube to prepare those who are going to the convention or wish they could be there. Famous content creators like Liza KoshyColleen Ballinger and John Green are just a few of the stars who are featured on the impressive attendees list, but what about the newer faces?

Well, they aren't exactly new to the scene—after all, they have amassed millions of followers. But these creators are at the forefront of YouTube's next generation of vloggers. Emma ChamberlainKyle Hanagami, and Lauren Riihimaki a.k.a LaurDIY are just a few of the stars that are revolutionizing the way people view the platform.

Gone are the days when YouTube was known solely for music videos and viral moments. Now, these celebrities are creating entire businesses and lifestyles with the content they produce. 

So to find out more about the stars that you need to be watching, check out the gallery below!


As a kid LaurDIY made plenty of "(crappy) handmade Christmas" for her family members, but now she's a bonafide crafter in her own right. She's managed to turn her "after school hobby" into a business that boasts a large audience that she says is filled with people "who are dedicated to transforming their passion into a global enterprise." She says, "I came into the digital space with a passion for sharing my love for DIY and discovered the entrepreneurial spirit that can be applied to this career and overall brand."

Evelyn From the Internets

If you're on the lookout for a funny and candid channel that has it all, then you've come to the right place. Evelyn has fostered a unique and loyal community filled with people who followed her from her college dorm days to her first apartment. She says, "Even though I'm from the generation that didn't grow up with YouTube, I think what sets me apart is my storytelling - I may not be the new wave of Gen Z creators, but my humor is able to bring a little silliness into anyone's life."

Kyle Hanagami

Over 4 million subscribers can attest to the talent and knowledge of this up and coming choreographer. While his choreography to Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" was one of the top videos in 2017, this dancer is not looking for fame. "I strive to be successful in a different way on YouTube because I don't want to be famous. I believe that fame is based on what you do for yourself, but greatness is based on what you do for others. I want to be great," he explains.

Emma Chamberlain

This teen is all about keeping it real with her devoted fanbase. Not only does she go makeup-free for her videos, but she also avoids the "fashionable outfits" that are the status quo of Instagram Influencers. "I've noticed a lot of YouTubers (including myself) are focusing more on showing their personality and coming up with unique concepts rather than copying others," the YouTuber shares. "I feel like what makes me a little different than the rest is my honest and real approach to all of this. I don't wear makeup when I film, and I don't wear fashionable outfits. I hang out with the camera like I hang out with my friends, and I think people easily connect with that." 

Michelle Khare

If you've ever wondered what it's like to undergo Marine bootcamp for a week or to train as a runway model for a year, then Michelle Khare can show you. The vlogger truly does it all! She says, "Imagine Dirty Jobs meets Made for the digital age—but instead of just a one-day experience, I immerse myself in the community for 3 to 12 months. If you watch my channel, you'll see me pilot a fighter jet, compete in a Miss USA beauty pageant, and even join a clowning troupe—and I've never seen the platform utilized in this way before."

Alex Wassabi

This YouTuber is the epitome of someone who thinks outside the box. His channel features travel vlogs, boyfriend vs. girlfriend challenges, experiments, puppies and musical collaborations with a plethora of other vloggers. "I've been on YouTube for the last 13 years. No day is the same. For me, every video and experience is a new adventure! It's about living life to its fullest and bringing everyone along for the ride," he shares. 

The Fitness Marshall

Completing a fun, high energy workout has never been so easy thanks to the Fitness Marshall Caleb. As a leader for members of the community, Caleb strives to create an inclusive space that entices people from every experience level. "We get silly, create crazy scenarios/stories to go along with our dances, have special effects, dance to top 40 music, and include diverse body types," he shares. "There is an alarming lack of inclusion in the fitness industry that has always baffled me. We don't see a variety  of body types represented in fitness content. It's our mission to make sure that the future of fitness includes everyone, because everyone deserves to feel sexy, confident and represented."

Kristopher London

With 1.7 million subscribers under his belt, the teen describes his successful channel as the "perfect bridge between kids who game, play sports, and watch YouTube and professional athletes, who also game and either watch YouTube or have kids who do." He adds, "Of course being 6'10" and having a basketball background has helped differentiate me from others, but I think the key to my success has been showcasing my personality and passion for sports into my videos."