Dacre Montgomery: I Put Every Drop of Energy Into Billy for Stranger Things Season 3

Things get even darker for Hawkins when the new season premieres July 4

By Chris Harnick Jul 03, 2019 2:00 PMTags
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Forget fireworks, we know your July 4 will be spent indoors with Stranger Things. And—spoiler alert—you'll be making the right choice.

This season of Stranger Things is firing on all cylinders. We can't tell you too much for fear of being sent to the Netflix Upside Down, but we can share it's a big season for season two addition Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery. Montgomery, known for his role in the Power Rangers movie reboot, described his season arc as "really creatively fulfilling."

"I think to just have that meaty sort of space in a storyline that the Duffers have spoken about I think just speaks so much to their promises that they make the cast and the creative freedom that they give the cast. It's a really special thing to be a part of," Montgomery told E! News.

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Billy, who was already a troubled, violent character, goes down a dark path in the third season. But it's not all scares and aggression.


"It is very dark. I think there's a fantastic payoff at the end for my character, which is something I can probably jump on. I'd say that delving into that darkness or whatever we perceive that to be was really exciting to make some unique choices in my acting with the character and just put absolutely every drop of energy I have and had into this season," Montgomery said.

The new season kicks off in the summer of 1985. Billy's working as a lifeguard at a pool frequented by the Hawkins townsfolk. Everything's normal! There's nothing weird going on! Wrong. This is Hawkins. As the kids become teenagers, as mall culture takes hold, danger looms and everyone learns evil isn't ever really gone, it's just evolved.

Stranger Things season 3 premieres Thursday, July 4 on Netflix.