LOL! Why Is Natalie Halcro's Sister Stephanie Wearing Her "Magic Panties"?

The Relatively Nat & Liv star's sibling is serious about hand-me-downs.

By Emily Mae Czachor Jul 05, 2019 7:00 PMTags
Watch: Natalie Halcro Finds Out Stephanie Stole Her Underwear

Sisterhood of the traveling…cheetah print panties?

Yeah, Natalie Halcro probably didn't see that one coming either. But the facts are tough to ignore in this silly clip from Tuesday's new Relatively Nat & Liv, which finds our favorite transcontinental fashion designers at a tattoo shop in L.A. with a sizable chunk of their extended family.

As the series' titular duo explains at the new clip's start, not everyone is getting inked today. Nat, Olivia Pierson and Stephanie Halcro already have matching tattoos, and now the rest of their clan is following suit—"the moms" included! But while Sophia Pierson, Julia Pierson and Rhonda Halcro are under the gun, Stephanie redirects their attention to an earlier body art experience.

"Wait mom, how did you feel when I got my first tattoo?" she asks Rhonda, who very matter-of-factly informs her daughter that she "just didn't like [her] first tattoo."

Meet Natalie Halcro's Black-Sheep Sister Stephanie

Stephanie unveils the sprawling floral design anyway, which winds its way down the side of her torso and ends at the hip. Naturally, Nat wants a closer look and pulls on the waistband of her sister's pants to get one. Only, when she does:

"My underwear. These are my underwear!" Nat cries.

And while Liv suggests that Stephanie "stole" the garment, the eldest Halcro insists they fell into her lap fair and square.

"They were handed down to me," she explains during a confessional interview, dubbing them "magic panties" per their unparalleled comfort levels. Plus, "they're discontinued," and Steph's been hanging onto them "for dear life" ever since.

"I wear my sister's hand me down underwear," she shrugs and takes a sip of vodka soda. "Deal with it."

Hear all about Nat's enchanted undies in the clip above!