Hollywood Takes on the #BottleCapChallenge: See Ellie Goulding, John Mayer and More

Jason Stathan, Willie Geist, David Spade and more show their support for ending plastic bottles

By Mike Vulpo Jul 02, 2019 5:20 PMTags
Watch: Best & Worst Celebrity #BottleCapChallenge Attempts

Who's up for a challenge this holiday weekend?

As Fourth of July celebrations kick into high gear, a few famous faces in Hollywood are joining a movement that has quickly gone viral.

Get ready to take on the #BottleCapChallenge.

For those wondering what the heck it is, we're happy to explain. Social media users can place a loose cap on top of a bottle. The goal is to then untwist the cap with a spin kick without moving the bottle itself. For bonus points, you can shoot your video in slow-motion for effect.

Just look at John Mayer who totally nailed the task. "First @erlsn.acr did it. Then @blessedmma followed, and challenged me," the singer wrote. "I now challenge @jasonstatham. #bottlecapchallenge."

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Jason quickly saw the post and didn't hesitate to accept.

"#bottlecapchallenge #challengeaccepted @erlsn.acr This thing landed on my head from @johnmayer but will quickly go to a couple of fellas we've seen do push ups badly," he shared on Instagram. "All yours @guyritchie and @jmoontasri."

Most recently, Willie Geist took on the challenge on live TV during the fourth hour of Today.

"I love @williegeist for many reasons," co-host Jenna Bush Hager wrote on Instagram after the moment. "1. He's always up for anything—face masks etc!. 2. He did THIS!!! 3. He did THIS without splitting his pants!" 

Ellie Goulding also kicked off her Tuesday by nominating a bunch of her famous friends before urging people to stop using plastic bottles.

"This challenge is way too much of a [sausage] fest for my liking," she wrote. "I nominate @stellamccartney @caradelevingne @karliekloss @christineandthequeens @lynn_ban @cassandragracey #bottlecapchallenge #challengeaccepted #noplastic STOP USING PLASTIC BOTTLES SUCKERS."

So who else is joining in on the fun? Scroll down for more epic moments caught on tape. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement and don't forget to tag #BottleCapChallenge.