Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson's Brothers Take a Trip to the Botox Clinic With Least Likely Candidate Brock Pierson

A casual family bonding day with the Halcro-Pierson cousins!

By Emily Mae Czachor Jul 02, 2019 4:00 PMTags
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Brock Pierson isn't opposed to the one-off cosmetic procedure, especially if it means potentially upping his dating game.  

"It can't hurt," he tells cousin Joel Halcro in this clip from Tuesday's new Relatively Nat & Liv, though the series of botox shots currently being streamlined into his forehead suggest otherwise.

"Hey hon, that's a lot of blood," Owen Pierson notes upon entering the exam room. "What a time to be alive."

It was Owen and Joel who "dragged" the elder Pierson sibling to get his face done in the first place. So perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised to see the dragging continue during Brock's actual appointment.

"Perfect. Aw, yeah," Natalie Halcro's brother croons from across the exam room while Brock winces over what looks like a few particularly uncomfortable injections around the eyes and cheekbones. So, um, why is this happening again?

Owen Pierson's Drag Dream Is Finally Coming True

"I wonder, how much do girls really care about guys having wrinkles?" Joel continues. "Like, do you think you'll get more dates this way?"

Brock thinks that's a "good question." And though his newfangled lifestyle consultant doesn't have answers per say, Joel does sound tentatively optimistic about the results—with an emphasis on tentative.

"I mean, you've had zero dates recently," he cracks. "So we really can't go into negative numbers here can we?"

Whether Brock's non-surgical lift will help elevate his love life remains to be seen, but feels a little beside the point during a confessional interview with Joel after the fact.

"I think I went through the gay bottom starter pack," Brock laughs, reminiscing about the time he got his "ass waxed" (also Joel and Owen's idea) and went to a drag show before finding himself in this latest botox scenario. "You're more of a bottom than I am!" his cousin shoots back.

Watch the hilarious scene unfold in the clip above!