Who Won The Amazing Race Season 31?

The reality show all-star season wrapped up with three Amazing Race and one Big Brother team in the final four

By Lauren Piester Jun 27, 2019 2:58 AMTags
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Those who race together stick together, apparently. 

The last remaining Big Brother team of this CBS reality show all-star season of The Amazing Race found themselves on their own against three other couples who were all Amazing Race alums, and all clearly working together to land an all-Race final three. 

Nicole and Victor didn't really need help from their fellow pairs, but they definitely noticed that Christie and Colin, Tyler and Korey, and Leo and Jamal were all helping each other out whenever they could, particularly during a challenge that required them to decode a secret message. Christie did need help, and she and Colin ended up in last place for a bit after she really struggled with that challenge. 

Leo and Jamal, meanwhile, spent the first portion of the finale in first place, while Nicole and Victor and then Tyler and Korey were right behind them. Then everybody had some real struggles in London. 

Nobody could kayak, so that detour was just a mess, and then everyone but Christie and Colin ended up switching to the detour that required remembering directions, which everybody also had a hard time with. 

Leo and Jamal remained in first place, Korey and Tyler made it into second place, and trying to remember those directions and place names proved to be Nicole and Victor's downfall, as Colin and Christie managed to master the rowing. 

Nicole and Victor were ultimately the first team to get eliminated, and the remaining three teams jetted off to Detroit, Mich. for the final leg of the race. 


Once in Motor City, Tyler, Leo and Colin volunteered to rappel down landmark skyscraper The Guardian Building all while memorizing a series of numbers that made up the combination to open a bank vault. Despite Colin's speedy completion of the road block, he and Christie ran into trouble locating their taxi while en route to their next challenge.

Tyler and Korey were first to arrive and complete a game of "Fowling," a combination of football and bowling unique to the city of Detroit. Next up, the remaining teams found themselves making records at Third Man Records, an independent label founded by The White Stripes rocker and Detroit local Jack White. Meanwhile, Leo struggled to open the bank vault and he and Jamal fell far behind their fellow competitors. 

Keeping on theme with all The White Stripes references, the teams (at this point led by Christie and Colin) were asked to assemble a drum kit while a massive band performed "Seven Nation Army" over and over and over again. 

In the end, Christie and Colin literally called on their "angels and guides" to help telepathically guide them to completing the task—and it worked! They were the first team to cross the finish line and win the $1 million.

Tyler and Korey finished in a close second, followed by Leo and Jamal. 10 countries, 18 cities, and more than 25,000 miles... we (well, they) did it!