First Look! Drew Barrymore's Gardens Party Poster

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange open up the colorful world inside Grey Gardens

By Marc Malkin Mar 19, 2009 1:15 PMTags
Grey Gardens PosterHBO

It may be called Grey Gardens, but HBO's upcoming film based on the classic 1970s documentary is anything but grey.

We got an exclusive first look at the colorful one-sheet featuring Drew Barrymore as real-life Little Edie Beale and Jessica Lange as her mother, Big Edie, circa 1973. The Beales, who were relatives of Jackie Onassis, made headlines when they were discovered living as recluses in a decrepit East Hampton, N.Y., mansion.

How did these two acting beauties make the physical transformation? Read on...

Barrymore ages from 18 to 61 in the film, while Lange's years span from 38 to 77.

Lange's prosthetics alone included a fake forehead, eyebrows, jowls, sagging neck, new nose, mouth, teeth and even earlobes!

For Big Edie's later years, Lange was outfitted with sagging breasts made from birdseed, when rice and more traditional fat suits failed to do the trick.

Barrymore's 42 costume changes go from glamorous 1930s couture to Little Edie's signature look, featuring an imaginative use of scarves, skirts and tablecloths that were usually accessorized by a gold brooch.

We have a feeling there's going to be a lot of Little Edies running around next Halloween.