Will Natalie Halcro Make It to Her Important Photo Shoot After Coming Down With "the Plague"?

The Relatively Nat & Liv star must power through a sickness to attend an important photo shoot

By Alyssa Ray Jun 24, 2019 3:00 AMTags
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It's London, baby.

On Sunday's all-new Relatively Nat & Liv, Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson headed to London for an important work trip. While many of the Halcro-Pierson women have worked with Comino Couture in the past, the E! personalities were undertaking a much bigger project—a capsule collection!

"This is kind of authentic to us," the former WAGS star explained in a confessional. "It's a capsule collection with our artistic touch on her existing designs. So, I feel like it's really a big deal."

Sadly, upon landing in the United Kingdom, Halcro began feeling extremely ill.

"I'm not doing so swell," Nat admitted. "I don't know if it's the jet lag or what, but something feels a bit off."

"It's time to suck it up, sweetie! You got work to do," Liv retorted as they left the airport.

Of course, Nat's sickly admission left Liv feeling concerned as this was "a huge trip for Nat and Liv." Not only were the two influencers scheduled to meet with Comino Couture CEO Sarah Keable for dinner, but they were also scheduled for a photo shoot.

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Unfortunately, Natalie's health didn't improve as she learned that she had a high fever.

"I've been up all night. Literally, I've never felt this in my entire life," a sick Halcro revealed from her hotel bed. "And I called the doctor in the morning and they're like, 'You have a temperature of 104.' But he's like, 'You can't leave the house.'"

Although Natalie said she "could try to go" to the business dinner with Keable, Liv felt it was time to make a backup plan. Thankfully, Liv's sister Sophia Pierson joined the ladies on their London trip and was willing to fill in for Nat.

And Sophia had to do just that when Natalie still hadn't recovered in time for dinner.

"You're gonna have to fill in," Liv quipped to the Nat & Liv camera. "Can be like the extra buffer. Like, 'Where's Natalie?'"

"Oh, uhh, I'm Natalie for the night," Sophia responded.

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Understandably, Natalie's absence was noted by Sarah at dinner. Thus, Liv scrambled to come up with a cover story.

"So, she didn't sleep prior to the flight," Pierson relayed. "And then we landed and she's like, 'Oh no! I think I need to sleep. If I don't sleep then I might ruin the whole trip.'"

Even though Sarah accepted this excuse, she inquired if Nat would be "okay" for the photo shoot. Despite not knowing for sure, Liv assured Sarah that her other half would be in "tip top" shape.

However, Sarah found herself "stressing out" when Liv arrived to the photo shoot alone. Despite not being certain of Nat's situation, Liv promised the Comino Couture team that Halcro was "on the way."


"So, I feel awful. I feel like I totally just lied to Sarah," Liv confessed later on. "I said, 'Natalie's on the way' and I have no idea if she is or not."

In a happy turn of events, Nat did arrive at the photo shoot—despite still being "under the weather."

"I did not fly all the way across the pond to lay in bed. No matter how sick I am," Halcro stated. "I don't care if I have the plague, I am getting up. I'm going to this photo shoot."

Liv was obviously pleased to see her cousin and business partner as she thought Nat was practically "dying."

"Hell or high water I'm making it," Nat declared to her cousin in a confessional.

To see how their photo shoot turned out, be sure to watch the Nat & Liv recap video above!