Chris Hemsworth and James Corden's Waiter War Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The two faced off at The Northall to see who was the better restaurant employee

By Elyse Dupre Jun 19, 2019 12:25 PMTags
James Corden, Chris HemsworthYouTube

Chris Hemsworth and James Corden shouldn't quit their day jobs.

The actor and the late-night host tried waitering at The Northall in London and competed to see who was the better restaurant employee for Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

From over-greeting guests to fighting over who got to seat the diners, the celebrities went all out to win the waitering war. And while the gloves were certainly off, the stars weren't exactly providing white-glove service. At one point, Hemsworth even carried a woman to her table. Not wanting to be outdone by the Avengers A-lister, Corden proceeded to give her fellow diner a piggyback ride.

"Full service," he said.

The Thor actor also force fed a few diners and even poured wine into a guest's mouth. As for Corden, he ensured patrons were greeted with a round of applause upon entering the dining room and made sure the entire restaurant knew about one woman's walnut allergy.

The two also tried to trip each other up. For instance, Corden played the violin to prevent Hemsworth from reading the specials off the menu.


In the end, the celebrities were judged by the restaurant's executive chef André Garrett, who declared Hemsworth the winner.

Watch the video to see the restaurant rivalry go down.