"Who Is Paying Your Bills?" Watch Owen Pierson Try to Figure Out Joel Halcro's "Life of Leisure"

Natalie Halcro's brother has had many jobs, but how does he pay his bills?

By Alyssa Ray Jun 21, 2019 4:00 PMTags
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A "Joel life of leisure" sounds pretty nice.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Relatively Nat & Liv, Owen Pierson tries to figure out what exactly cousin Joel Halcro does for a living.

"What are you even doing today?" Olivia Pierson's brother asks over a cup of coffee.

"I'm living my typical Joel life of leisure," Natalie Halcro's sibling retorts.

Understandably, this response leaves Owen unimpressed. In fact, when asked by a producer, Owen is unable to articulate anything about Joel's supposed job.

Furthermore, Pierson can't help but wonder, "Who is paying your bills?"

While Owen seems skeptical of Joel's finances, the latter assures his cousin that he works.

"I've been an actor. I've been a creative director. I've worked in marketing. I do photo retouching. I still somehow work in management at the nightclub. I'm a good photographer," Joel rattles off in a confessional. "I think really they're just very jealous. I can do whatever I want, I can travel wherever I want, I can work from abroad."

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Per the multihyphenate star, his life is "perfect."

Still, Joel isn't the only Halcro-Pierson with multiple talents. We're, of course, talking about Owen's "saucy" Instagram skills.

During their conversation, Joel stumbles upon a sultry boudoir pic of Owen in his underwear.

"I was feeling my Kim K., saucy reality," Owen quips in defense.

"Did you photoshop your ass like this?" Joel jokingly claps back.

For the answer, be sure to watch the clip above!