Paris Hilton, Josh Henderson

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Desperate Housewives' Josh Henderson seems like the nice guy version of Doug Reinhardt—he's bedded a bunch of H'wood hotties, including Dougie's latest Hawaiian lei, Paris. But unlike D.R., he knows how to get along with his exes. That is, once they become more famous than he is.

"We're definitely friendly," Josh told us at a club recently, dishing about all the famous femmes he's had—and moved on from. "Ashley Greene's doing the Twilight thing. Ashlee Simpson is doing well." That's Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, actually—been a long time since you two dated on her MTV reality show. Do you two keep in touch?

"We don't talk a lot, but we say hi." Have you met Bronx? "Uh, not really." Guess Pete likes to keep his wife at arm's length.

So what really went down during the time of these bedroom seshes?

"He was a total asshole," sasses a friend of one of Joshy's former flames. Now that Greene is somewhat famous thanks to Twilight, apparently, J.H. can't wait to throw her name out there. A 180 from when he would embrace being "single" publicly but would go home to Ashley at night. Supposedly during the time they "dated," Desperate Joshy thought he was pretty big-time, so he would bed any willing gal around town.

And as for the other Ashlee? Hell, she has a whole album dedicated to him—and not in a good way.

But now that both A and A are more recognizable than Jesse Metcalfe's sloppy gardener seconds, Josh is more than happy to own up to dating these gals. What is it with these straight Hollywood types? In fact, we hear he even left Ashley (one of the first times) for Paris!

So we asked him how his postrelaysh friend status with Paris was.

"I haven't talked to [Paris] in a long time," shrugged Joshie. "But she's always doing well."

Guess he squirmed through the photos of her and Doug swapping spit like we did.

Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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