How Prince Harry Is Carrying on Princess Diana's Legacy in Angola

The Duke of Sussex spoke about mine clearance at Chatham House on Monday

By Elyse Dupre Jun 17, 2019 3:19 PMTags
Prince HarryChris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry is carrying on his mother's legacy. 

The Duke of Sussex attended an Africa Programme event at Chatham House on Monday that focused on mine clearance, conservation and economic development in Angola.

During his visit, the royal listened to the panel on "connecting conservation, sustainable development and mine action" and heard Angolan Minister for the Environment Hon Paula Coelho pledge $60 million to fund the work of landmine clearing organization The HALO Trust.

Afterwards, Harry gave a short speech in which he spoke about the "vital mission of de-mining Angola and putting it back on the map as a tourist destination." He also spoke about protecting the country's citizens and ecosystem and recalled his past visit to Angola in 2013

"I first visited the Chatham House in June 2017 to take part in a scenario planning exercise—some of you in the room today were here with me," he said at one point. "That exercise showed me the importance of landmine clearance within a humanitarian emergency because, let's not forget, landmines are a humanitarian issue, not a political one. That exercise was especially interesting for me because I had the privilege in 2013 of visiting Angola with The HALO Trust. In Cuando Cubango—in the far southeast of what is a vast, beautiful country—I saw a struggling community in a deserted landscape unable to make use of the land, yet the potential to turn his land into a sustainable source for its people."

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He also remembered Princess Diana's famous walk through Angola's active minefields in 1997. 

"In fact, I was told just the other day of the positive transformation in Huambo since my mother walked that minefield all those years ago," he added.


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The Princess of Wales has often been credited with raising awareness for an international treaty against landmines through the walk. The treaty was signed shortly after her death.

There have been rumors that Harry is planning on visiting Africa with Meghan Markle later this year and that Angola would be one of their stops. According to reports, the couple will continue to highlights issues associated with the mines during the visit.