What Krysten Ritter Says We Can All Learn From Jessica Jones

E! News visited the set of the Netflix drama to get the scoop on Ritter's directing debut and more

By Lauren Piester Jun 14, 2019 7:26 PMTags
Watch: Krysten Ritter Teases Season 3 of Netflix's "Jessica Jones"

The third and final season of Netflix's Jessica Jones is officially here, and while it may be the end for the series and for Marvel's Netflix shows, that doesn't mean the badass superhero won't be leaving a lasting impression. 

Jessica Jones is unlike a whole lot of characters on TV, which is part of why star Krysten Ritter loves her so much. 

"It's so rare that you have a character that is so androgynous, so powerful and so cool and also vulnerable and has super strength," she told us when we visited the set in November. "It's kind of like a little bit of everything. I love that there's no emphasis on how she looks, there's no emphasis on her sexuality. It's refreshing." 

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She's also got an attitude we could all benefit from. 

"I love that she really doesn't care what people think of her, and that's something that we could all adopt a little bit of," Ritter says. "She's definitely given me more confidence in my own skin, and I've always been sort of confident and loud and outspoken, but I feel like maybe I am even more so now because of her." 

Ritter says that in season three, we're seeing Jessica "insert herself more." 

"We see her kind of trying to do the right thing, and kind of be a hero in her weird way," she says. 

Ritter made her directorial debut this season with the second episode, "A.K.A You're Welcome," and she says it was a really natural role for her to step into. 

"It was awesome. It felt like the very natural next step. You know, I play Jessica Jones on the sow and I'm here and I feel it and I eat, sleep, and breathe with this group of people...No one knows Jessica better than I do, and no one cares more than I do. It was a great experience to collaborate with the people I love so much in this new way." 

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Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix.