Backstage at DWTS: Belinda's Out; Is Jewel Back In?

Dancing with the Stars' Jewel, Belinda Carlisle, and others give us the scoop backstage

By Team WWK Mar 18, 2009 3:30 AMTags
Belinda Carlisle, Dancing with the StarsABC/KELSEY MCNEAL

Wow, when it comes to shocking backstage revelations, Jewel certainly knows how to deliver.

The singer, who had to bail out of Dancing with the Stars due to an injury, told us backstage after tonight's show: "They offered me to come back next season, and if I could be partnered with Dmitry [Chaplin], I would love to do it. But I kind of want to start a family, so we’ll see which comes first."

Baby news aside, the first star to go-go from the competition, Belinda Carlisle, confides to us that "the dance-off was hell. The dance-off is the most stressful thing."

She also admits she fell apart. "I remembered to shake my hips, but I forgot the routine...It was horrible. I freaked out. It's hard for me to be 100% under that pressure. I did the best I could. I'm proud, and I wish I could've done better for [partner Jonathan Roberts]."

Oh, Jonathan’s fine. He was a proud prancing papa. "I'm so proud that she just came out of her shell...she just went crazy, and everything I asked her to do she worked on. I couldn't have a better partner," Jonathan tells us.

Read on to see how Steve-O is doing, and what we can expect next week...

After a debilitating back injury, Steve-O is planning to come back next week. According to fellow dancer Holly Madison, "He's feeling good, and I think he'll be able to go through the competition—hopefully."

What can we expect next week? Chuck Wicks, who will be dancing the fox-trot, says his routine is going to be "sexier." Lil Kim is dancing the salsa, and her partner Derek Houghs says, "This girl has some moves, and I want to show her off!"

Meanwhile, in case you noticed Julianne Hough yanking up her pants in her most recent dance, she tells us she almost lost her knickers and is still reeling from the near wardrobe malfunction. "It's heavy! When I tried it on before it was fine, and then they put the fringe." (You male viewers can thank the wardrobe department later.)

Are you as shocked as we are that Steve Wozniak didn't get booted? Are you happy or sad to see Belinda Carlisle go? Who did you think you should've been ousted? Sound off below.