Will Olivia Pierson Agree to Take Little Sister Sophia to London With Her & Natalie Halcro?

The titular Relatively Nat & Liv stars are heading to the U.K. for a work trip, and one family member really wants to come with.

By Emily Mae Czachor Jun 14, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Sophia Eagerly Wants to Go to London With Nat & Liv

Pretty please? She's never been to England before!

It's still looking like a "no" from Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro in this clip from Sunday's Relatively Nat & Liv, but Sophia Pierson isn't letting their obvious lack of enthusiasm stand in her way.

"Ooh, what do you got going on here?" the youngest Pierson sibling asks her big sis and cousin at the start of the new clip. In preparation for an upcoming business meeting across the pond—as they go on to tell Sophia, Nat and Liv are putting together a capsule clothing collection for U.K. brand Comino Couture—the rising fashion designers are bent over their sketch pads, tossing around last-minute ideas for an elegant floral ensemble or two.

"Comino…they've been such a loyal brand," Sophia continues, eyeing the drawings. "I think I was the first to work with them."

Liv thinks it might've actually been Nat's sister Stephanie Halcro who collaborated with the company initially, but Sophia (who, like her Instagram-famous family members, has been growing her own social media influence online for a while now) insists, "It was me. Two years ago. Yeah, they actually asked me about you, I think."

Understandably, when she finds out Nat and Liv have an on-site visit at Comino proper coming up, Sophia wants in.

"So…when are we going to London?" she asks the ladies with a cheeky grin.

"We?" Liv laughs nervously, after having said earlier that she's "kind of overwhelmed" about the whole thing, exciting as it is.

"I think I'm the only one in the family that hasn't been to London," her sister argues, though Liv points out she's never been herself, either. Still, "You guys did the Paris and France trip!" Sophia persists.

"Paris is in France," Nat deadpans before taking a sip of her coffee.

And maybe Sophia would know that if someone had invited her last time. See the trio's awkward exchange play out in the clip above!