Hear Christina Milian's Thoughts on Natalie Halcro's "Juicy" Romance Dilemma!

And see Joel Halcro give the singer a "Happy Birthday" lap dance in this animated clip from Sunday's Relatively Nat & Liv.

By Emily Mae Czachor Jun 12, 2019 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Natalie Halcro Chooses to Focus on Career Over Love

Natalie Halcro will call her suitors back when she's done working. 

But Christina Milian, Olivia Pierson and Joel Halcro still want the low-down on her love life in this clip from Sunday's new Relatively Nat & Liv, which finds the foursome spilling tea while sipping cocktails at a birthday dinner for their friend.   

"What kind of guys are you into?" Christina asks Joel first, to which his sister replies, "He has a nerd fetish. It's really lame."

Naturally, once the b-day lady redirects the inquiry to Nat, it's her brother's turn to chime in.

"Where is Agy now?" he asks—clarifying later that he really just wants the latest updates on their semi-rekindled romance—referring to his sibling's former flame Agyemang Clay, who lives in Florida but recently joined Nat's family on a group trip to Whistler and admitted there's still a strong romantic interest there.

"This is juicy!" notes Christina. 

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As for where she stands on the Agyemang issue?

"I don't know," Nat sighs, adding that she didn't mean for the Whistler trip to be "that serious," even though "I obviously like him."

"You're letting somebody perfect get away," Joel teases, but his sister has other priorities. She and Liv are designing a new clothing collection in collaboration with U.K. fashion brand Comino Couture, and they're getting prepped to head to London for a big business meeting later on in the episode.

"Right now, it's really important for me to focus on the clothing line and execute things career-wise," Nat tells the camera while Liv nods her head in support. "And then hopefully my personal life just falls into place."

So, think we'll be seeing her ex beau back in Canada sometime soon or what? Hear Nat's work-life balance rationale—plus, catch Joel's Marilyn Monroe-style birthday greeting for Christina—in the clip above!